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Opening the Door to Retro Game Collecting

It starts innocently enough with the desire for one game on one console, but will Cole Monroe be able to turn from inevitably dark and expensive road ahead? (Culture, Final Fantasy XII, PS2, wwf wrestlemania 2000)

Qrphe  +   1224d ago
Collector: "Hey I'm a retro game collector!"
Me: "Oh, so you collect Atari and Magnavox games? That's really cool man"
Collector: "Nah, mostly N64 and PS2 games"

MrKingofVideoGames  +   1224d ago
reads article... looks to the right and sees Pong console and shelf full of intellivision, 2600, snes, and nes carts in room... wonders why anyone would call PS2 retro... agrees with above comment and bubbles it
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Dovahkiin  +   1224d ago
Well, with your title I'm inclined to agree, your Majesty.
MrKingofVideoGames  +   1224d ago
@ Dovahkiin,
Yup, could we at least wait until Walmart no longer sells games for a console before we deem it "retro."
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StayStatic  +   1224d ago
This is awesome :D , sadly I don't have the room to house my classic consoles as well as the current ones , already had to buy a DVD shelve unit to hold all the games lying around here lol.
Vortex3D  +   1224d ago
How do collector's collect "Collector's Edition" or regular edition on today's games that have online activation code? If you keep the online activation code unactivated, it will expire later. But if you do activate the code, the DLC is locked to one account owner. So, you can't resell or pass along any of your DLCs from the game.
banjadude  +   1224d ago
True, but not everyone plans to re-sell, or at least not resell specific ones.
Vortex3D  +   1223d ago
True, but getting DLCs locked to your account also is the way to keep Collector's Edition.

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