MS posts record $18.06 billion for the quarter, Xbox top-selling console for 18 months running

Joystiq- Microsoft's quarterly revenue for the period ending June 30 hit $18.06 billion, with an operating income of $192 million and a loss of $0.06 per share. This is compared to revenue of $17.37 billion for the same quarter in 2011. Microsoft also posted a net loss for the quarter of $492 million, compared to last year's gain of $5.87 billion for the same quarter.

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NYC_Gamer2339d ago

MS has to proud of the 360 being so successful

zeal0us2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Investors and shareholders must be happy too

ApplEaglElephant2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

which i am assuming isnt a good thing. First Net Loss in company history... Most of the revenue in entertainment division is "due to Skype"

and not sure by top selling console for consecutive "18 months"... Cause World Wide numbers show that Sony out sold Xbox last quarter. Xbox won quarter before that. Sony won quarter before that...

so. do they mean US only?

NewMonday2339d ago


This actualy BAD news, in the end MS lose half a billion. "net income" is the bottom line

Bigpappy2339d ago

They spent the money to acquire Skype. Skype cost them more than the net lost (8.5 Billion), so it is a win.

pixelsword2339d ago

@ newmonday:

That's true: in the end, it's the bottom line that counts, not the razzmatazz in the middle; but still a congratulations of sorts are in order for Microsoft.

Congrats, Microsoft!

Anon19742339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Skype was acquired by Microsoft last year. This quarter's loss has nothing to do with that. Microsoft had to write off 6.2 billion this quarter for a botched purchase of an ad firm that was supposed to start advertising on XBL and Windows Live but went to hell instead. Despite it's link to the gaming division, the news of this was failed on N4G when it broke 2 weeks ago. I guess someone didn't think a 6.2 billion dollar write off in one of the biggest console makers was news despite the clear link to XBL. Odd when you consider how many articles about Sony's financial woes you see on this site with no mention of gaming whatsoever.

Anyway, terrible quarter for the 360. It's hard to tell what's going on revenue wise with Skype in there now, but 360 sales fell over 35% year over year. 1.1 million shipped vs 1.7 million last year. Ouch. That's a huge drop no matter who you are. There's no way to spin those disappointing numbers. Good report for Microsoft overall but what a slide for the 360.

RememberThe3572339d ago

If Joystiq is reporting accurately, your right it's a loss. Net is the bottom line and I think thats being lost here. They lost money. But they also had to pay for the aQuantive collapse and they're gearing up for the Windows 8 launch as well.

Over all revenue is up for them and thats always good news. Something like the aQuantive collapse probably wont happen again so that will help out next quarter. Plus, they posted a 16 billion dollar profit for the year. Things are still going well over in Redmond.

GameNameFame2339d ago

how did u get so many agrees?

fanboys need to check facts.

EVILDEAD3602339d ago

So basically Micrsoft comes out of a year where the got rid of a bad ad investment and are just starting to enjoy the fruits of a great investment in Skype.

What's crazy is the 360 is poised again for another ridiculous 4th quarter with Halo 4 dropping in November.

Not to mention Windows 8 drops in October..and who knows if Surface is coming this year.

Not a bad forcast for Micrsoft going into the last half of the year.

I'm good..about to get my Tony Hawk on and Deadlight comes in a couple of weeks..


fr0sty2339d ago

Top selling console... in the USA only.

Patriots_Pride2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

@Darkride - Did you not read the article:

"The company reported a record fourth quarter revenue of $18.06 billion, but did suffer a net loss over the last three months of $492 million. While the net loss was in stark contrast the net profit of $5.87 billion from the same time last year "

See the words "NET LOSS" in that quote.

It was a huge loss but the larger point is that without that idiotic move, the underlying value of MS is as strong as ever. They would have produced a $24B income number if not for the write down.

Dazel2339d ago

With the right down they must of saved a fortune in corporation tax on that 18 billion + revenue over the last three months, up 4% on the last quarter. Shares up 1.6% so I don't see MS going bust anytime soon. :)

jeseth2339d ago

What a misleading title. Microsoft just announced that they lost almost 500 MILLION after all the dust settled for the quarter ... their first loss since going publice.

Investors should be worried. Between Apple and Google, MS have their hands full!

r1sh122338d ago

MS have posted an 'expected' loss because they acquired a online advertising agency 5 years ago for around 6Bn$. They have shut that operation down which put them at a loss.
If you look at sales of windows O.S they are steady and continue to help MS.
The shares havent taken a hit either

Irishguy952338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

They have made a loss this quarter for the sake of a profiting the next few quarters, it was a 'tactical loss' so to speak

bintarok2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Not only the world is full of crap, but also full of irony. The truth will set you free, but first it pisses you off :

Sony belongs to Rothschild bankers, it's the same group of people that made the world we see today. Which one is more evil?? Sony or Microsoft? You know the answer yourself.

"Nathan Rothschild was an observer on the day the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, Belgium. He knew that with this information he could make a fortune. He later paid a sailor a big fee to take him across the English Channel in bad weather...The same way the Rockefeller's went into Japan after World War 2 and bought everything 10 cents on the dollar. S O N Y = Standard Oil New York, a Rockefeller Company."

Japan was put under rothschild control after WWII.
Rockafeller went over and bought out a bunch of businesses
and created Sony which the first initials are that of
Standard Oil the company owned by rockafeller. At this time
the Japanese debt was bought out as well and the Rothschild
central bank was established shortly there after.

Imalwaysright2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

I dont mind consoles having multimedia capabilities. I do mind when console makers focus more on apps than games and when supposed gamers say that its ok to focus more on apps than games and no didnt bought or bother with U3 or GOW3. Between work and family i barely have time to play games so i really try to have variety in my library. I dont want to play the same games over and over again.

BTW im glad that im not the only one stuck in the past seeing how the 3DS is destroying the vita.

EDIT this reply was meant to Vega below.

AngryTypingGuy2338d ago

Good for MS, they deserve it. They have strategically placed themselves in an envious spot in the world of gaming, and they have exclusives that by far generate more buzz than those on other platforms.

What they need to focus on is more first party exclusives in my opinion because while Halo and Gears generate more buzz than any other exclusives, they still are only two franchises, and any franchise will lose steam after a while.

gaffyh2338d ago

I came to this story because the title suggests good news, but they actually made a loss:


First ever quarterly loss.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2338d ago

LOL... what a surprise to see Grand Admiral of the SDF, Darkride66 come in and defend and spin!

No, he's not a fanboy like he PM'd he wasn't! smh

gaffyh2338d ago

@Endoran - Despite being melodramatic, Darkride is correct on the other stuff that he said, as it is actually confirmed in the press release by MS.

Raiden2338d ago


You are looking at it in the wrong way $492 million,(half Billion) is nothing when MS wrote off 1Billion on RROD issue. This is great news. Happy gaming and have a great day

adorie2338d ago

Shareholders are probably happier with Office more than anything else.

Microsoft Office is the top earner for Microsoft at the moment. Ms office by itself, supposedly out-earned Google as a whole.

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egidem2339d ago

It's good for them. Congrats on the success. Now please Micro, reward your fans (who obviously got you here) with some awesome games??

NYC_Gamer2339d ago

I really hope MS invest into some new franchises

egidem2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

We'd all love that. But knowing Microsoft they probably wont do it. Their business logic is "Our platform is selling well, why invest money into more games when we can use that to sign a TV network deal or something?"

It's interesting how Sony is willing to invest money into making new franchises and IPs (like Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us) despite the fact that this gen is coming to an end (it has been a long one, hasn't it?).

It shows their interest in providing what the gamers want. Yes, they also have other services (PS+, cloud saving etc), but if you look at them closely, most of them are primarily centered around games.

Microsoft's strategy is a bit different, but clever from a business standpoint. Get in the market early before the competition for a headstart (check), sporting what everyone else wants - games, (check).

After you've gathered the fanbase, look for new cheaper alternatives to keep them coming, such as instead of creating entirely new IPs, sign for timed exclusivity deals with some of the bestselling games (CoD, GTAIV etc). Useful for a quick cash grab, but not a good long term solution.

There's a reason why Sony now owns quite a number of 1st party studios, like Naughty Dog. It's because come next gen, Sony will be ready. They learned this from experience - if you must launch, make sure you have games. They don't need to convince you that whatever ND will do next gen will be good. You already know! Microsoft is banking on turning the 360 into a media hub center for all your entertainment, thus all this investment they're doing. If they launch with a new console with this strategy, it could come crashing down - then they'd need games...from where?

What I find interesting is how the tables have quite turned for both platforms.

nukeitall2339d ago


I'm a gamer, but I do NOT JUST care for games. I mean do you consume other forms of entertainment?

I do! I watch TV/movies, listen to music, read a *lot* of books, and so on. I have come to a point where gaming isn't the center anymore, and if a console only offered me games I would be far less likely to buy it.

It's like Smart Phones are no longer *just* used as a phone!

That said, MS has been exceedingly good at controlling their cost so you don't end up with billions of loss. A healthy business is good for consumers as well!

egidem2339d ago

I agree. All Microsoft has done was to adapt and evolve by bringing in new services to the Xbox brand - nothing wrong with that.

I just wanted to contrast how both Sony and Microsoft's contrasts - they have slightly different goals and means of achieving them.

2339d ago
darthv722339d ago

"If they launch with a new console with this strategy, it could come crashing down - then they'd need games...from where?"

you probably need not worry about that. MS has spent lots of time and $$ building strong 3rd party relations.

I fully believe that while 1st/2nd party exclusives have their place. It is the 3rd party games that are the real life blood of a platform. Without good 3rd party support then it puts that much more pressure on the 1st/2nd parties to deliver the goods.

2339d ago
2339d ago
EVILDEAD3602339d ago Show
SkyGamer2339d ago

Maybe so. Look at what Microsoft did last gen and look where it got them? They had a few hits but a lot of duds. They have an icon like Nintendo does. Where is sony's? Nintendo has Mario and Microsoft has master chief. Third party has helped Sony dominate last gen. Microsoft took a page from sony's playbook this gen...

Septic2339d ago

Lol Evildead, well said. + bubbles

@Dragonknight- you have some really skewed views. You appear to believe that you have such an exalted position that you can speak for all PS3 as well as 360 gamers. Honestly, how much nonsense can one spew? Evil is right. You can count on the fact that if a mirror article had appeared for Sony with the same thing and someone commented the way you did, they would be set on fire before they could utter the words Halo.

DK: + bubbles for refusing to submit to such mindless drivel and bullying from a keyboard warrior, who for some reason, is so intolerable of anything positive being said about the 360 that he has to spill his cornflakes all over his monitor.

OT: Kudos to MS for doing so well. Even I didn't anticipate MS doing so well at the start of this gen. Hopefully this is good for gamers.

RankFTW2339d ago

They will reward you with awesome Kinect games.

Imalwaysright2338d ago

" I have come to a point where gaming isn't the center anymore" then youre not much of a gamer are you? Its people like you that ruin gaming for people that actually care about it because console makers instead of focusing on games will be focusing on shit that doesnt matter, something that MS has already started to do.

You dont need consoles to watch movies or "read books". Games should always be the ONLY reason to buy a console no matter the multimedia capabilities that it has. There are a bazillion of devices in the market where you can watch your movies and read your books. I know that is selfish and elitist but i want your kind to pack your bags GTFO and leave my hobby alone. I want MS, Sony and Nintendo to focus 100 % on gaming so why dont you go watch your movies and read your books on an Ipad or smart phone?

Kurt Russell2338d ago

I am amazed by the amount of people who seem to see themselves as financial investors on this website :)

Imalwaysright2338d ago

"The whole "MS needs new IP's" argument is just the last resort of people who need SOMETHING to complain about." So you dont MS to make new IPs and fresh experiences? Oh my i always thought that you were a 360 fanboy but now i wonder if youre not a PS3 a fanboy in disguise? You dont your console of choice to have more value? Dont you think that new IPs would add value to your 360? You actually dont want your 360 to be better than it already is so your obviously a PS3 fanboy troll!

vega2752338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

you guys keep going on and on about " new IPs and fresh experiences" but i pretty sure you bought uncharted 2/3 and possibly uncharted 4 if announced. you will buy GoW4 and many other sequel when they are released on the ps3. as will many others. so your argument holds little weight as no sequel should sell cause as you stated it the same ol same ol. right?

Imalwaysright you say you want you console to be 100% focused on gaming and nothing eles. then buy a 3DS as that's the only system that just plays games. even the wii play netflix and so does every other console maker. no company just makes a product that only does one thing these days. just like smartphone just don't make phone calls. sony put a blu-ray player in the ps3 not for gaming sake but to push blu-ray movies and introduce a new format.

if your that stuck in the pass with consoles just dedicated to gaming have fun playing your
3DS. while the world moves forward and enjoys what these consoles have to offer us.

as for new IP's. they don't guaranty to be high quality or well recieved. hell most new games get low scores or just don't sell. look how well recieved alan wake was how much did it fly off the shelves or heavy rain which even the dev was upset that people bought it used instead of new. honestly it's gamers like you that are ruining the gaming industry with you biotching and whiny of self entitlement that a game has to be core. cause casuals should only play with the Iphone or wii. it should be about having fun and enjoying the game and it should be for anyone that enjoys playing games young and old, core and casual.

insomnium22338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

@ vega

"you guys keep going on..... cause as you stated it the same ol same ol. right?"

Uncharted is a fresh IP in case you didn't know. Unlike halo, Fable and Forza Uncharted was first released THIS GEN.

Additionally people buy NEW IPs IN ADDITION to other games.

"Imalwaysright you say you want you console to be 100% focused on gaming and nothing eles."

I think he means how different MS is today about these things when compared to 2005-2008. Big difference.

" just like smartphone ...a new format."

PS2 had DVD also. I think even you understand now how stupid it was of you to claim what he meant. It should've been pretty obvious.

"as for new IP's. .... or just don't sell."

Name a few. I can name a few new IPs from the top of my head and I know they sold atleast 1 million. Let me guess, selling 1 million means the game don't sell to you right?

" look how well recieved alan wake was how much did it fly off the shelves or heavy rain which even the dev was upset that people bought it used instead of new."

Alan Wake is on x360. That's their biggest mistake. Heavy Rain sold something like 3.5-4 million so I'm not sure where have you been. That game was a complete success in every way possible.

"honestly it's gamers like you that are ruining the gaming industry with you biotching and whiny of self entitlement that a game has to be core."

We are commenting on a gaming website here. How casual do you think people like us are? Be it wonderbook or Kinect or something similar if it's aimed for kids people on a gaming forum are bound to hate it. What in the world makes you think gamers care about casual s*it?

" cause casuals should only play with the Iphone or wii. it should be about having fun and enjoying the game and it should be for anyone that enjoys playing games young and old, core and casual."

Yeah but like I said we are not casual here on this website. Casual people don't care enough to be reading gaming news. The moment Sony does a similar 180 turn like MS and concentrates on casual money that's the day when I buy myself a gaming rig like no other. The exclusive games is the reason to buy a platform. Always have and always will be. To a gamer atleast that is....

vega2752338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

so you saying you don't own not one sequel of any game franchise i find that very hard to believe there. even if true then you have a very small library of games. my point wasn't to call out sony games or big up 360's, but to call out your claim that 360 should focus on new IP that's unproven or not guaranty to sell or get good reviews. i don't have to know your buying habits to know your full of it. even with all the new games sony release, how many of them really sell compared to sequels? how many of them are reviewed better than sequels?

I'm not saying people don't like new games. but people are will to buy sequels over new IP's. just look at reviews and sell to answer that question.

@ Imalwaysright

first you say " I want MS, Sony and Nintendo to focus 100 % on gaming" now your saying " dont mind consoles having multimedia capabilities" which one is it? make up your mind cause your switching up.

people want more from these consoles which is a reason why they are doing more. i have been gaming since coleco and atari 2600 days and to see these consoles do more is a great thing. especially when I go out of town every other weekend and i take my consoles with me when I'm stuck at the hotel and don't want to pay for the hotel garbage movies. i just plug in my system and play games or watch a movie or listen to music. that's what great about these consoles.

if you wish to live in the past, that's your problem. but with new hardware coming out that do more and more. you will find that you will either have to adapt or leave gaming period. cause they won't just be playing games. just like I'm sure you don't have a old flip phone that just makes phone calls.


i see you had to get in on what i say and still didn't get it because your panties are in a bunch from our last encounter.

if DragonKnight comment that he does like or own sequels but only wants new IP's and new experiences. what are you going on about uncharted games is are new experience since 2/3 are sequel which is in his own words was the "same ol same ol" but like always your heart is on your sleeve and your panties got ruffled.

he even said he doesn't own uncharted 2/3 but you missed that part didn't you. i didn't call out uncharted but only used it as a point that people buy sequel over new IP's.

like i told you before if you want to have a GROWN UP CONVERSATION we could have one. but again like the child you are you come into a argument half-assed pounding your chest without reading the whole comments at hand. now go back to the corner like the little dunce you are and have a time out and stop trying to put words in my comment that aren't there.

2338d ago
DigitalAnalog2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Dark Souls is a multiplat title.

Hicken2338d ago Show
nukeitall2338d ago


I think you two comments here speaks volumes about you:

"I hate Microsoft. Hated them before they entered the gaming arena."

"I love Sony."

Then you go on to say:

"It's no use trying to convince these guys that Microsoft should do more for their gaming fanbase, because they're not gamers. ".

I believe doing something for your fanbase is releasing games they want! Almost every single MS first party game is a huge hit. Fans or customers are putting their money where their mouths is, not just in the comment section of n4g.

Outside_ofthe_Box2338d ago


Your comment history speaks volumes about you.

Ben_Grimm2336d ago


You should really take a look at your own comment histroy before coming to the defence of those guys above you.

So let me get this straight...

DragonKnight comes in with a super hateful attack on MS. DK and Evil respond to his nonsense and they're marked for trolling? Did the mods even read their comments?

Not to mention Dragon is joined by more idiots like Hicken, Insonium and Outside And they continue to stand behind their stance of this site doesn't lean heavy on the Sony side?

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SPAM-FRITTER-1232339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

$18.06 Billion

isn't that half of what sony are as a whole worth?.

keep up the good work microsoft.

Dante1122339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Micheal Jackson's songs (which Sony owns) alone are worth 5 billion. Market cap/value is determined by profits and is completely different from assets which microsoft would need to buy in order for them to shut them down.

Sony Music Entertainment (Worth 11 Billion)

"In 2005, Jackson's defense attorney, Thomas Mesereau, revealed that the song catalogue had been valued at between $4 billion and $5 billion.[37] The company's song catalogue is believed to generate up to $2.5 billion a year; The Beatles' hits alone bring in $30 million to $45 million a year.[38] Jackson's other publishing firm, Mijac, which publishes songs written by Jackson himself and which used to be administered by competitor Warner/Chappell Music, is valued to be worth at least $450 million.[39] Since 2011 Mijac is administered by Sony/ATV. It is reported that Sony Publishing EMI is value to 11 billion dollars."

Source (2012):

Edit: @ nuke

I like how even if a person provides sources/links and logic on N4G, they'll still get disagrees. Market cap is determined by profits and is completely different from assets which microsoft would need to buy Sony. Sony patents, music division, MOVIE division (The Spider Man franchise alone is worth 4 billion, who knows what the Karate Kid franchise is worth) are worth billions.

nukeitall2339d ago

No, it's 50% more than what Sony is worth!

Sony's market cap is less than $13 billion:

SPAM-FRITTER-1232339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )


Sony owns ONLY 50% of the MJ music


yearly revenue is 1.9 billion SHARED between LLC and SONY.

if you would just be realistic and admit that microsoft are smart MOFO's and sony throw money down the drain, you might understand the meaning of making money.

if you think sitting on HALF of MJ's music and making losses on your console is good business i suggest you go back/to school.

EDIT: this is FACT not OPINION and is my honest take on the situation.

raytraceme2339d ago

You idiots Sony has $20 billion in cash reserves.

blackmagic2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Sony has 161.56 Billion in assets.
Sony also has 136.66 Billion in liabilities. Simplistically you would say that the company is then worth 24.9 Billion.

The value of a company isn't only it's assets though. Sony's stock value has been dropping for over a decade from it's peak value about 13 years ago. Sony has lost money for 4 years straight, this year being the worst in it's history, loosing 5.7 Billion.

The value of the company is now reduced. If you bought Sony today you would have to consider how much more money the company is going to loose before it turns around? How much money will you have to pump into it to turn it around? How much of it's value will erode as the brand continues to struggle? That is what the stock market does, cold calculations based on hard facts and telling numbers. That is why Sony's stock is only $12.12 right now. That is why Sony is only worth $12.1 Billion right now.

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Muffins12232339d ago

I kinda wish they would have more support for hardcore games than kinect stuff...

ceedubya92338d ago

I think that, outside of their key franchises that are sure hits, they are letting 3rd party developers handle the hard core stuff. There's nothing wrong with that. It is just another strategy that people may or may not agree with.

Tonester9252339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Doesn't matter how much they sell. They need to make some more games.

Xbox 360 = Lil Wayne
PS3 = Kendrick Lamar

Quality > Quantity

Septic2339d ago

You just contradicted yourself big time. You say there should be more games for the 360 but then say Quality > Quantity.

Tonester9252338d ago

Are you slow or something? I seriously don't want to explain what I was saying and how I didn't contradict myself but I will.


It doesn't matter how many Xbox's are selling when they don't have any good games to play on them. So the Xbox Devs need to make some more Quality games.

And just in case you didn't catch my analogy of Kendrick and Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne sells millions and he can't rap.
Kendrick Lamar doesn't sell that much but he's a real lyricist.

He's doing his JOB unlike Microsoft.

wages of sin2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

I would have to say that the very use of the word "job" is something where a wage is made, i.e., money. If this is the metric we are using then not only are they winning, but they're doing it better than their competition.

Secondly, all of those exclusives haven't added up to much. They are great in your opinon-and millions of others like you-and then there are those of us-like me-who find the majority of this much vaunted library of exclusives to be mediocre. I much prefer my 360. True they have fewer disc based exclussives, but the ones they have beet the pants of the competions imo. Top that with the same (usually better) third party support and xbla, I'm fine. But here's catch: none of that should matter because you're still going to like what you like. Get it?

Just like what you like. This console war crap is stupid.

specialguest2339d ago

Success for any one of the different gaming platforms is a success for the gaming industry as a whole. It means that traditional gaming is healthy.

fr0sty2339d ago

They just posted their first ever loss as a company... And they spun it into a positive headline?

Chevalier2339d ago

Hey you got people in this thread saying that sequels = quality games and that the 360 is now better as a media hub and it's not all about the games.

Yet when Sony had no games ALL it was good for was media and that was a bad thing. Sony = bad, Microsoft = awesome. Flip flop like politician's much? So apparently according to some having a familiar new sequel to a franchise is a NEW experience as well? Interesting how things turn around so much, almost makes you dizzy. So anyone want to tell me why RROD and high fail rates on earlier systems is awesome? Just since we're on here spinning some good stuff, figured someone could keep it rolling.

Patriots_Pride2339d ago

It is a goodwill impairment write-off of 6.2 billion, from an asset purchased in 2007. This asset has probably only marginally contributed to any current operating results so the fact that this causes a loss for the quarter is not that big of a deal. If you look at the whole year the company had net income of approx 17 billion, if it did not have this goodwill write-off (which has no current effect on cash) they would have had 23 billion in income. So all in all not too bad. You have to consider also that a company like MSFT has to make investments into areas they think will help improve their company in the long-term, overall I would say they have done pretty good.

Godmars2902339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Know this wont register, will be taken defensively, but isn't that MS the company in total? With any mention of gains from the Xbox brand, or rather MS's entertainment division, coming from buying Skype.

That doesn't really say anything. Just that MS as a whole made money. By money being moved around.

showtimefolks2339d ago

you know all of you who are so happy that xbox360 is selling like hot cakes and all think about it next time MS just release another gears,halo or forza.

When they can sell their system for 199 and now 99 bucks with 2 years contract, they are not looking at us the gamers i feel like we are the ones who actually made them successful and back than they message was we are for core gamers but now everything is about everything but games. I think they have forgotten that its a gaming system

with nintendo getting into HD gaming along with ps4 and xbo720, i am fully expecting a big backlash next time MS launches a new system. After 20 years of gaming there is one thing gamers don't forget and that's how a company treat their fanbase after buying their product

this gen for me it was xbox360 and ps3. Next time i think i am going with ps4 and Nintendo just because they offer more to my gaming needs all the other crap i don't care about

Statix2339d ago

I don't get it. Microsoft posts a LOSS for the quarter. Not to mention, on the game-related side, Xbox console sales are down. Why are fanboys acting like this is good news?

I'm not saying it's horrible news, or even bad news. But it's certainly not POSITIVE news.

ALLWRONG2338d ago

Might help reading it all

"Microsoft's quarterly revenue for the period ending June 30 hit $18.06 billion, with an operating income of $192 million and a loss of $0.06 per share. This is compared to revenue of $17.37 billion for the same quarter in 2011. Microsoft also posted a net loss for the quarter of $492 million, compared to last year's gain of $5.87 billion for the same quarter.

Revenue for Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division grew 20 percent for the quarter, aided mainly by its acquisition of Skype. The Xbox has now been the top-selling console for 18 consecutive months."

What that means is Xbox is doing great. MS invest in lots of things, the $492 million net lose could come from anywhere "NOT GAMING".

Posting a $492 million lose is much better than posting a "4 billion" lose like Sony.

kikizoo2338d ago

[email protected] fanboyz paying online, and best of all without exclusives since 2008, happy for microsoft..

because they don't read after the headline..roflmao

DA_SHREDDER2338d ago

Joystiq, really? I seen an article on yahoo yesterday talking about how microsoft lost this year. Funny how these sites like to lie to everyone. Hey whatever you gotta do to make yourselves feel better.

2338d ago
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wishingW3L2339d ago

Xbox top-selling console for 18 months running "in the US" -fixed

The gap between PS3 and Xbox went from 8 millions to only 2 thanks to the rest of the world (which is bigger than the US BTW). 0_-

ElementX2339d ago

It's pretty much been 2 million for years now... the gap doesn't seem to shrink

NYC_Gamer2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Are you mad?just accept that all 3 consoles are successful and move on with life...

Perjoss2339d ago

Well said +