5 Best and Worst Batman Games of All Time

Tonight is the beginning of the end. The last entry in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series arrives at midnight. As one of the best movie series of all time comes to a close, now would be a great time to view its video game counterpart. Stating the best isn’t as fun when you don’t include the worst. With that being said, here are the 5 best and worst Batman video games.

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jony_dols2339d ago

No Batman Begins on PS2 & Xbox?

BlackTar1872339d ago

hope you are saying good cuz i actually liked that game

toxic-inferno2339d ago

I actually really enjoyed it too. I mean, it was nothing compared to modern Batman games, but as far as movie tie-ins go, it was a massive surprise. The Tumbler driving moments still stand out in my mind!

BlackTar1872338d ago

yea i mean for a movie tie in game it broke the mold of normal crap. Whihc was surprising so im glad i didn't miss out on the little gem because it is worth at least a rent or it was.

Sugreev20012338d ago

I agree with you.For a movie tie-in game,Batman Begins was a pleasant surprise.

darthv722338d ago

i would actually replace the NES version with the Genesis version of Batman. Much better game that 'almost' didnt get released.

That was back in the day when nintendo had a lock on developers releasing the same game on competing platforms. Sunsoft and a bunch of other devs sued nintendo and won. Thus changing their contractual relations and opening up the door for competitive ports.

An honorable mention should go to Batman Returns for Sega CD. the music was really good and the driving levels showed off some good scaling effects for the time.

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antz11042338d ago

Advenbtures of Batman and Robin was pretty amazing. Lol I liked Batman Begins.

mafiahajeri2338d ago

Batman vengeance deserves a place on this list that game was great and did BTAS justice.

P.S George CLooney was the worst batman ever!!

optimus2339d ago

"loosely based on the tim burton film..."... I would say directly based on the tim burton film seeing as how it uses cutscenes (pictures actually) from the movie... I almost skipped buying arkham asylum thinking it was loosely based on the chris nolan series which i find to be overrated...but that's just me.

toxic-inferno2339d ago

Not based on the Nolanverse at all actually :)

optimus2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

I know, which is why i said i almost skipped buying it. Once i realized it wasn't then i was intrigued.... Prior to that i've owned 2 other batman games that were good for their time...batman for the nes, and batman begins for the superfamicom (snes)... There was talk of it not making it to the U.S. So i bought an adapter and ordered the game from overseas.

Shepherd 2142338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

They obviously use elements from Nolans films in the Arkham series. The Joker has the same messed up face paint and the same scar-style lip paint as Heath Ledgers Joker(but a hairstyle like the cartoon), and Two-Face has the grisly, realistic messed up left side face as The Dark Knight(but his clothes are split up black and white like the cartoon)

The whole atmosphere of the Arkham games is a blend of the movies, the 90's cartoon, and comics.

optimus2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

I meant batman returns for the super famicom, not begins... @shepard... I would have disagreed with you about them using elements from the dark night movies until i caught the dark night on tnt today (i forgot most of the movie cause i simply disliked it the 1st time around)...
I noticed that the sonar imaging that batman used to fight the swat team in the building is pretty much detective mode in the arkham games... The costume is also similar...i disagree on the joker though, he's closer to the cartoon version.

JohnApocalypse2338d ago

I've heard that the SNES version of Forever is worse then the beat'm up version

capcock2338d ago

arkham city is my favourite game right now and I'm wathcing through the whole animated series and batman beyond all over again. Animation was so much better then... now it's so computerish. TV is crap today in general.

NYC_Gamer2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

I never really enjoyed Batman games until Arkham Asylum/City.

dalibor2338d ago

I enjoyed batman returns for the snes, that was the first batman game I really liked. Never could beat it it was a hard game. But than again I was a lot younger back then. And the new batman games are great

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