Is The Console Cycle Really Too Long?

GI - Has this cycle been too long? Look at it is this way, the PlayStation 3 came out in November 2006, about the time Mel Gibson's Apocalypto was released. It was so long ago that man still had a serious career. More relevantly, it was three years later before FarmVille even launched, more than 6 months before anyone even had an iPhone.

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Them_Bones2310d ago

We will get the next gen consoles in Q1 of 2014 at the latest.

Persistantthug2310d ago

I mean the XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii were launched holiday 2005 and holiday 2006.

So why would it change for a PS4?

Persistantthug2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

That's why the Wii U is launching this holiday.

That's 4 consoles in a row.

Either holiday 2013 or holiday 2014, and I gotta tell's looking more and more bleak for a 2013 launch with each passing day.

At least for Sony, if they don't mention, show or announce PS4 next month at GAMESCOM 2012 or TGS 2012 in September, then you can pretty much forget about least for the PS4.

Edit in,
GAMECUBE and XBOX 1 also launched Holiday that's 6 in a row.
Also, PS2 had its American launch in holiday 2000.
In fact, the DREAMCAST had it's launch in Holiday 1998 (Japan) and America (1999).
Holiday launches are important, in case you didn't know.

-Mezzo-2310d ago

No, it hasn't been too long. But i think it's time we heard something about the Next-Gen.

Psycho_PS3Truthh2310d ago

Many PS3 gamers will not feel like this as been a long cycle upon the earth, the amount of games the kings of gaming are providing to its people are astonishing. We have sly cooper, playstation allstars, nino kuni, tales game, the last of us, gow asciension and beyond 2 souls.

Logical out of all those great unique and breath taking experiences, the only one that have a chance of being something we already can predict is gow asciention since we all play god of war and sly cooper. The other games will be fresh and utilizing the cell processing power in ways we have not heard or seen before.

wedgie2310d ago

I see you have made it over from ign haha

TedCruzsTaint2310d ago

It's 2012. Games barely hold a solid 30 frames per second. Many games don't even hit 720p (HD). Developers are releasing severely lacking pc ports due to tech restrictions.

Yeah. It's gone on too long. We no longer treat consoles as consoles, and therefor they need to update tech in a timely fashion, unless you want to constantly limit the developers.

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The story is too old to be commented.