The Chronicles of Misogyny: The Hitman, The Rape and The Feminist


It must be difficult being a female gamer. They’ve been bombarded by negative connotations of their sex since the dawn of gaming, they’re stereotyped at being bad at games – or worse, preferring casual games like Mafiaville or Sorority Life or whatever shit they’re cramming down Facebook users throat’s – and when they do step up to tournamant level gaming, they’re made fun of ‘cause of their sex and generally taken not seriously. Of course this a grand generalization. Not all girls who enter the rings of gaming tournaments are bombarded with gender-specific remarks. Just… most the time.

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MacDonagh2336d ago

Interesting article despite typos here and there.

I greatly doubt that the N4G community will agree with those sentiments though.

arbitor3652336d ago

every time a feminist says something out of touch with reality or pretentious, they get trolled relentlessly giving them ample ammo for a pity party. its an endless cycle.

aliengmr2336d ago

I thought we established there is no sexual assault in Tomb Raider? So rape isn't used in Tomb Raider, we good? Can we move on from this non-issue that never existed?

Am I the only one who thought that Hitman trailer was amazing? Why all of a sudden are we upping the standards with Hitman? Considering the fact its not live action its an amazing piece of work. The part where 47 was taking off his shirt was one of the closest to photo-realistic that I have seen. As pre-rendered videos go its really impressive work.

It bothers me that female assassins in sexy nun outfits in a trailer for Hitman is where we need to draw the line. That the folks who made it are held to a higher standard than Tarantino and Rodriguez. That after all the work put into creating those characters its the lack of "substance" that's the issue. That they were unable add something to a 3D model that even a moderately talented actress can do.

Substance or no, it was damn fine work. To gloss over that work is very unfair in my opinion. Creating life-like characters in 3D, even with facial and body mocap, is extremely hard.

I think there are plenty of male gamers out there open to a different portrayal of female characters in games. If the males are doing it wrong maybe its time the women stepped up. Seems to me, the folks that have an issue with how women are portrayed in games expect the males to adopt a female perspective. Bit unfair if you ask me.

I was very pleased with the new Lara Croft and thought the less "sexualized" version much more appropriate, but it didn't really matter in the end. Turns out, no matter what you do someone will find a reason to be upset whether real or imagined.

KiNGofKiNGS02331d ago

They aren't held to a standard higher than Tarantino or Rodriguez. The fact of the matter is that both of those great directors have attractive females with interesting stories and great character development and usually have a ton of internal strength.

Tarantino's side: The entire Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, the entire cast of Death Proof, Jack Brown. From Rodriguez we have Cherry from Planet Terror, She and Jessica Alba from Machete, the girls from Sin City and hell, I'd toss in Lava Girl.

These developers are reducing themselves to cheap tricks to get the dude audience on their side. Wouldn't have been more interesting to see one really great, realistic/clothed female assassin have a really great fight against 47, have it be really close, then 47 win instead of our man ripping these latex nuns to pieces like they're nothing?