NCAA Football 13 Title Update Releasing On July 31st, Adds a Uniform Store and Updated Zone Defense

NCAA Football 13 launched earlier this month and EA has been hard at work making fixes to the game so that it can run more smoothly.

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BigPete79782315d ago

I just want the game to work for me. I can't even access my Dynasty in the game because it constantly freezes.

Skate-AK2315d ago

Now that's stupid. Whatever happened to Q&A?

Psychotica2315d ago

Works fine for me, I wonder if you have a defective disc

BigPete79782315d ago

Definitely not. Just google NCAA Football 13 freezing and you will get tons of people talking about it. Also they already stated that they will address it in the first patch on the 31st and that a temporary fix is to get it to auto-save from within the Dynasty mode itself. Problem for me is mine freezes from the main menu when trying to load the Dynasty. So I'm guessing I just get to wait till the 31st to play a game I bought on release day....

DarthJay2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Uniform store better not imply that you can pay for new uniforms, because if it is, I am DONE with this franchise and their constant monetization of every little thing they can. I realize that no one NEEDS to have the extra uniforms, but this game is so brutally glitchy that and way more copy and paste then past years that it seems like the only thing EA concentrated on is finding new ways to take money. Seriously, this happens to me at least twice a game:

MrKingofVideoGames2315d ago

I just notice that sometimes the player's names come up before the snap and sometimes only the QB (or player I select on defense) is displayed..... what up with that?