Gamesradar- Heroes of Ruin Review

Gamesradar- The hack-and-slash captures the art of simplicity with a standard, addictive setup: annihilate hordes of enemies, explore dungeons, and bask in the glow of stumbling upon rare item drops. However, because of its dependence on the same formula, this basic approach causes an obstacle for new games to carve out a unique identity.

For a hack-and-slash to set itself apart from the pack, it must execute everything exceptionally well like standard-bearer Diablo, or establish a standout feature that breathes life into the genre. Unfortunately, Heroes of Ruin does neither of these things, and so the whole experience can be delineated in one word: generic. This isn't a game you're going to walk away from with fond memories; it’s simply a “one-and-done.”

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