Forget next gen consoles, where are the next gen games?


I really have no interest in technology. That may seem odd for someone so obsessed with video games but as excited as I always am to see the latest advances in graphics I’ve not the slightest interest in how they are created. As far as I know or care it’s all pixie dust and magic. It’s the entertainment and experience of playing video games that I enjoy, not what kind of processor is making it all possible.

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Them_Bones2339d ago

I wonder what will be the resistance fall of man for next gen.

h311rais3r2339d ago

Uh...fall of man wasn't exactly a leap in any direction. It was an average fps with decent graphics and an unstable framerate....

Them_Bones2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

You obviously didn't understand what I meant.
That's okay most people probably won't.

CGI-Quality2339d ago

You used your one bubble to troll and at that, didn't even understand the context of his post. Congratulations.

OT: That's an excellent question.

2339d ago
kevnb2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

There seems to be a big lack of excitement for next gen consoles to be honest. I also think the idea of a closed console with outrageous fees and rules is for the dogs in today's world, it made sense in the 80s but now its just bs.

ChunkyLover532339d ago

That is because we haven't actually heard anything on them! The only console we've heard anything on, is the confirmed Wii U, but even those articles don't reveal much.

Whenever there is a big rumor like the leaked Microsoft document, its always hot news and people eagerly pay attention. I suspect next E3 will get people pumped up.

kevnb2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

no its not, they started with rumors long ago but nobody cared. Its nothing like ps2, xbox 360, ps3 or even dreamcast rumors. The excitement is just not there like it was. Right now the excitement is all in android and ios products.

Theo11302339d ago

Yeah, I really can't get excited for next gen anymore, since I switched to pc I've sort of forgot about the consoles, and the "console war", I just think of games.

jessupj2339d ago

I don't know. Every time we talk about, which is a lot, it seems most people are pinning for it. For them this current generation has gone on far too long and the new consoles can't come soon enough.

pixelsword2339d ago

Every time a "big leap" in gaming happens, it doesn't sell well and then things like that die off, and then the mundane games with the new graphics coating occurs.

Then people complain about being sick of shooters while CoD is the best selling game on a lot of consoles and one of, if not the best selling game series this gen.

Bobby Kotex2339d ago

The latest generation of consoles pretty much stalled graphics. When PC was king it seemed like there was a generational leap every year.

BitbyDeath2339d ago

Crytek tried to push the barriers with Crysis 1 but getting others to follow when only few people have the tech to run it makes for a hard sale.

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