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"If you were searching for an open-world RPG that offers plenty of action, ample amounts of customization, lots of exploration, and endless single-player game time, you obviously would have bought Skyrim. Now, there is a new game from Capcom that does these same things. It’s called Dragon’s Dogma, and it can be viewed as the Japanese take on the genre. It introduces some new ideas to the field to try and become more than just another standard fantasy adventure, but is it enough to stand out?"

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joab7772287d ago

I could talk about this game all day. First off, does it have the beautiful unending environment like skyrim? But, IMO, That's the only place it's inferior to the juggernaut, except maybe skyrims story is a little more fleshed out. Now, DD has a better party system (u actually have a party and RPG fans love this). It has 9 different vocations u can switch between but it doesn't end up in u being proficient in everything by the end. U must still choose 1 class to play as. It has a level cap of 200 and ng+(though a higher difficulty would have been nice. U hear that capcom? ) The pawn system is brilliant. Your main pawn J's shared by others online. U can gift loot to each other as well as get knowledge for quests. It has huge monsters roaming all over. It has endgame content and an online dragon multiple gamers can tackle together. The particle effects and day/night cycle are awesome and the skills are done well.

Basically, I am hooked. And I have been playing awhile and haunt lost my desire to roam gransys. Good job capcom...keep it coming. One hint fledged dlc...release high end equipment or equipment that can be enhanced to high level. Most dlc is for the early to mid game. Some enhancement items are late game but the dlc still is outclassed by then. Reward those who are still playing.

Baka-akaB2287d ago

I dunno , the map doesnt seem that smaller and less packed after many hours of play .

And both game are so lousy in the story departement that it hardly even matter wich is the "less worst" .

Either way , while truly different from Skyrim , Dragon Dogma does everything the game feature and better and more .

It always amazes me how some of the review try to pass on the game as generic or not so great ... when they've never touch an rpg or action rpg with even as much possible interraction .

I'd love those lukewarm reviewer to point out game where you can have your npc throw you in the air , create a ramp of ice in battle for you , grab flying monster and climb upon them .

We barely had games like Shadows of Colossus letting climb on foes , let alone the rest .