Early Review Scores for Sleeping Dogs are Looking Fantastic

Sleeping Dogs is getting ready to hit stores on the 14th of August, but the review scores are already showing up... and they look good.

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Yi-Long2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

... I certainly don't agree with some of the choices the developers made, like having the game take place ONLY on Hong Kong Island (which is quite boring), instead of also using the New Territories, Kowloon, and Lantau Island, or the strange blend of cantonese and english, instead of JUST cantonese with english subs...

...but I'm really hoping this will turn out great.

Not just because I LOVE Hong Kong, AND open-world action games, but also cause it would be nice to see this succeed, thus proving Activision once again WRONG for their short-term GREEDY business-sense, but also because a successful game MIGHT mean a sequel that DOES incorporate a bigger more diverse part of Hong Kong!


This game already is a sequal. Its the third true crime game but got sold and changed names.

Yi-Long2340d ago

... but it's a stand-alone new story, and it got rid of the 'True Crime' heritage completely once Activision dropped it.

So as far as I'm concerned, this is now an original new IP, and hopefully it will do very well so it might get a bigger and better sequel.

shammgod2340d ago

I also wanted te entire game to be in English subtitles, but the game still looks awesome an this shouldn't take away from the game

Adexus2340d ago

This actually was a new IP called Black Lotus before Activisions greed came into play and wanted it to be called True Crime Hong Kong.

DigitalAnalog2340d ago

I don't think they have the budget to do all that. However, I will admit leaving out Kowloon is a let down as it is also a key area in HK.

Yi-Long2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

... Kowloon should have been in there for sure, cause TBH that's where the 'real' Hong Kong is, in terms of the people, the food, the markets, and also the poverty and crime (especially Sham Shui Po & Mong Kok).

I just wished they had the city 'split up' like the GTA games, so 3 big areas to open up and explore.

Lantau Island has all the gorgeous nature, the airport, the Big Budha, etc etc.

Kowloon and New Territories are basically the 'old' Hong Kong plus (newer) suburbs.

...and ofcourse the area they have now, which is pretty much the 'western' or 'Manhatten' part of Hong Kong.

I truly hope there will be a bigger and better sequel which can truly do justice to the gorgeous city of Hong Kong... (where I will be moving this December btw, for about a year...)

DigitalAnalog2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Speaking of Lantau (I live there by the way), it shouldn't be that hard to replicate but going back on topic, I really hope this game does sell so that the sequel can do what GTAIV is to 3.

MaxXAttaxX2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )
It started as a new IP. Activision picked it up and branded it True Crime because they saw some similarities but then dropped it and the game regained its own identity.

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LOGICWINS2340d ago

I'll let you know when I play it. Games like Skyrim and even the original Prototype received positive early reviews and I came away dissapointed with both of them.

mafiahajeri2340d ago

Transformers will take that crown. Also " best open world of 2012" doesn't really mean anything the only real competition was prototype and spiderman and that's not saying much.

PockyKing2340d ago

Transformers? Didn't think that was a sleeper hit considering all the fans of the comics out there.

xflo3602340d ago

i hadnt even heard of this game until i saw this story, went over to youtube and now im prob gonna buy it. To me its gta + max payne + shenmue!

Them_Bones2340d ago

This is exactly what I meant in my earlier post.
Word will spread and people that never even heard of the game will see how awesome it is and buy it!
I hope this game does really well.

Oh_Yeah2340d ago

pretty sure most people knew this game was going to be amazing. doesnt take any reviewers telling you so. the gameplays vids have been out for a while.

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ironcreed2340d ago

The next great sandbox game right here.

HammadTheBeast2340d ago

I agree, and the theme is pretty cool as well. I hope this does really well, so Activision can get a kick in the nuts for what they missed out on.

PockyKing2340d ago

This game really reminds me of how Just Cause 2 came about. Nobody really looked at it and then the open world and everything else it offered really caught everyone off guard. I think sleeping dogs will do the same.

Them_Bones2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

This is brilliant!, I've been trying to back this game even since it was cancelled hoping that it would turn out great.
It's review scores are f*cking great news, I hope this game sells millions because it deserves it, it went through development hell but united front games didn't lost hope and now their persistence is going to pay off. Activison will probably bribe IGN to give it an unfair review so they don't feel like idiots for abandoning it.

LOGICWINS2340d ago

I wouldn't call Activision "idiots" for letting this game go. Just because a game gets positive reviews doesn't automatically mean it will be a huge success. Take UFC3 for example. Its the best reviewed MMA game of all time, yet it couldn't break even...thus leading to hundreds of jobs being lost. What will likely happen is that Sleeping Dogs will sell better than expected, but not enough so that Activision will care...not when they're guaranteed to be laughing to the bank with BO2.

Them_Bones2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Yeah I considered the break even side of things but I think sleeping dogs may actually do far better than a lot of people are expecting.
Because it is very similar to arguably the kingpin franchise in the gaming industry and the only problem is not a lot of people know about it right now, give it time and word will spread about how fun this game is just like what happened with saints row except far more original and less of a clone.
Also I know that the success of sleeping dogs wouldn't make a dent in activisions income but reputation wise it would.

LOGICWINS2340d ago

Hope ur right. Wonder whats taking Square Enix so long to release a demo, maybe they're taking time to polish it up?

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