Max Payne 3: the True Fall of Max Payne

"There is not much that makes Max Payne 3 a bad game, but rather, there is plenty that makes it a bad sequel."

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NYC_Gamer2341d ago

MP3 feels more like a good stand alone game

MiodragK2341d ago

It does. I felt it was more like "Brazilian Mob Wars - starring Max Payne" than "Max Payne 3".

NYC_Gamer2341d ago

I wished R* would have hired Remedy to bring us a true MP sequel

tee_bag2422341d ago

Exactly, you wouldnt believe how many disagree's I got on this site when I expressed my concern about this when it was being developed.

Kurylo3d2341d ago

yea that was my only gripe. The game is a sick game. like a movie.. it was good. But it wasnt max payne. Rockstar just doesnt understand what made max payne max payne. They instead decided to borrow ideas from a bunch of movies like man on fire.

This game was more about culture and brought for a younger generation then it was for people who wanted more max payne. In the end they should never have even called it max payne.

StrawberryDiesel4202340d ago

What are you talking about? There was plenty of gameplay that took place in New Jersey and the surrounding city. Plus, the way the game bounced around kept it fresh. This game is so awesome and it's getting a lot of negativity that isn't warranted in my opinion.

tee_bag2422340d ago

Max Payne was always much darker. It also used digitized graphics and was never so colorful.
So for most Max Payne 1 & 2 veterans, it didn't feel the same.
Although I enjoyed the game... it felt like they made a it, and decided to shoe horn Max Payne into it towards the end.

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2pacalypsenow2341d ago

the game didnt feel like a max payne game but it was still good

BelieveinGhosts2340d ago

I played the previous max payne games on PC but i got Max payne 3 on PS3 and i have to say its the best game ive bought since uncharted 2. It is simply amazing and i am hoping GTA V multiplayer is an improved version of max payne 3's online

StrawberryDiesel4202340d ago

I already beat the game twice and plan on playing it again. I have owned Uncharted 3 since launch and have yet to finish it but I played through Uncharted 2 around five times. Max Payne 3 is an amazing action game with very realsitic violence. It's such a gritty and dark game, I love it.