Ellen Page and David Cage Dive Into the World of Beyond

PlayStation Blog: PlayStation always strives to deliver engaging performances for its titles by utilizing incredible talent. Who can forget Nolan North’s performance as UNCHARTED’s Nathan Drake? BEYOND: Two Souls pushes immersion to the next level by pairing top Hollywood talent with the latest in full performance capture technology. At last week’s San Diego Comic-Con, I sat down with Academy Award nominee Ellen Page, who’s playing the lead role of Jodie Holmes, and Quantic Dream writer/director David Cage. How did the star of films like Juno and Inception come to work with Quantic Dream in BEYOND: Two Souls? And what does this level of talent mean for the game? Let them tell you:

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Emilio_Estevez2311d ago

Interesting.......I love Cage's obvious passion for storytelling and appreciate that.

NastyLeftHook02311d ago

breath of fresh air the games are.

Them_Bones2311d ago

I doubt that's the only thing they're diving into.

Vortex3D2311d ago

I really hope this one takes longer to complete.

Ramas2311d ago

hope so too, heavy rain was super game, but way to short.

Psycho_PS3Truthh2311d ago

Such a beautiful game this will be, I saw a leak demo the other day before it was removed and it was subliminal in society, Might be a GOTY contender next year going up against the last of us.

The PS3 is loaded with goty games next year.

BitbyDeath2311d ago

160 actors is pretty amazing, anyone know how many Heavy Rain had?

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