South Park: The Stick Of Truth Pre-Order Bonuses Live In North America

South Park: The Stick of Truth will be out next year and the pre-order bonuses, which will be familiar to fans of the show, have been revealed.

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TrendyGamers2338d ago

Bulrog Chicken Attack, awesome.

VanillaBear2338d ago

How come the 360 version has two packs and the PS3 one has one.

Looks like I know what version I'm getting...if one version gets better things then the other or DLC early..coug cough Skyrim then it will be better on that system.

TrendyGamers2338d ago

The Xbox 360 version will also be getting DLC first.

Agent_00_Revan2337d ago

Pretty pissed the 360 is getting the second pack. I have both systems, but I don't even like playing my xbox anymore. I get everything on Playstation, unless it's an xbox exclusive and I have no choice.