Laura Bailey Confirms She is the Voice of Helena Harper in Resident Evil 6

8bitfix writes: Laura Bialey has finally confirmed the rumor that has been circulating for quite some time now. She will, in fact, lend her voice to Resident Evil 6 as the U.S Government Agent, Helena Harper.

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Lovable2337d ago

Laura Bailey = Awesome! She usually do Japanese RPG, but we'll see how she does with this one.

Pozzle2337d ago

She's a great voice actress. I just hope Helena ends up being a decent character, and not another throw-away sidekick. :(

TheCagyDies2337d ago

Already knew that from the very beginning, and Troy Baker is Jake btw.
Just like Snow and Serah from FFXIII, Catherine and Vincent, and first voice options of Male and Female characters from Saints Row 3. They are always together in video games.

stuntman_mike2337d ago

well the world can rest easy on it's axis knowing that.