SDCC 2012: Hands-on Preview with Hitman: Absolution (

Hitman is becoming a household name before we know it! Square Enix’s next installment to the Hitman franchise, Hitman: Absolution is turning a lot of heads and for good reason. Agent 47 is quick to prove himself as ‘not your average assassin’. He is the definition of cool with a calm collective attitude this assassin gets the job done right. San Diego Comic-Con made sure Hitman: Absolution’s presence was known by having this game playable at multiple different locations. Getting hands-on with this title was a delight that left players turning back around to get in line just to play the quick demo again.

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TheSuperior 2337d ago

I am too excited for this game to come out! So ready for this :)

TheGrimBunny2337d ago

I cannot wait for this title to come out after playing that sniper challenge...


<--- Never played a Hitman game

Decaf_PIxel_Kat2336d ago

I haven't played Hitman since PS2, maybe it's time to get back into the series.