Borderlands 2: Gearbox and the $500 dollar game | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK: We sat down with Gearbox Software's Brian Martel and Randy Pitchford during a recent Borderlands 2 event to delve deeper into the story, RPG elements, and the sequel's creation.

Watch the full interview as they discuss how the team got carried away in the development process ("Things got a little out of hand. The budget doubled, the team size tripled…"), how they believe the sequel will offer more value than anything else out there ("My biggest wish is that when people put their 60 dollars down...they realise the value that they're getting out of as they're playing the game over time, they're like 'dude, this is more value than the last 500 dollars I spent on video games'") and much more.

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CADmanjules2311d ago

My ultimate loot chest edition is pre-ordered, just take my money now!!!! Unless anyone has 700 bucks they want to get rid of...

HebrewHammer2311d ago

Damn you! Really want that edition... I missed it. Unfortunately for me, I may just have to hit up ebay post-launch.

jjb19812310d ago

I'm going to wait for an ultimate loot chest GOTY edition...