Team Ninja unveils two new characters, new stage and improved training mode for Dead or Alive 5

Team NINJA has today revealed two new contenders for Dead or Alive 5, the star-struck vixen 'Tina' and Jeet Kune Do master 'Jann Lee'.

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-Mika-2070d ago

Is it just me or did Tina breasts get bigger. I really don't remember them being that huge at the e3 build. Anyway
Tekken tag 2 has nothing on this. That trailer was just awesome. Im glad Lisa and jahn lee is back. Now they only have to add Eliot,Helena,Brad Wong and Ein.

Rainstorm812070d ago

Surely every DOA character from previous games will be included, im more curious to see what VF characters and what new DOA characters will be introduced

Reibooi2069d ago

I think they confirmed awhile back that all the original characters would be coming back and they would be slowly showing them off until the games release. I think there is also supposed to be one more new character if i remember correctly

I can't wait for DOA5 it's been so long since 4 and the game is shaping up nicely. Doesn't look like it's missed a step at all.

Darrius Cole2070d ago

Errrr....Did anybody not know that Jann Lee and Tina would be in the game?

amaguli2070d ago

So far, DOA looks like it will be a fun game.

Lord_Sloth2070d ago

They showed off Tina videos a few weeks ago...How was she unveiled with Jann Lee?

nyobzoo2069d ago

anyone else think that it's strage Sarah is speaking english but Tina, from america, is speaking japanese?