Blast from the past: Tombi! (Playstation)

Sony's beloved platformer starring the pink-haired caveman is the latest game to get the blast from the past treatment.

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Qrphe2014d ago

Good ole days of Tombi! and Klonoa!

OneAboveAll2014d ago

Pretty sure it's called Tomba with an A? O___o

Unless i'm missing something.

Tonester9252014d ago

It's called Tombi! in Europe... I just Google'd it lol

--Onilink--2014d ago

Tomba in america. Tombi en europe and australia

OneAboveAll2013d ago

Why though... lol

Way to confuse people!

r212014d ago

tombi sounds wonky compared to tomba!

Sigh2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

to Playstation All-stars Battle Royale! :)

flappersack2013d ago

Hurry up and release on the EU store.

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