The Trailer Used to Pitch "Title Fight" to Sony Uploaded Online

Remember when the rumors first started about Battle Royale? The game was originally rumored to be named "Title Fight" and at the Comic-Con event, the original footage for the game was shown behind closed doors. This is the footage that the developers pitched to Sony to have the game made.

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user54670072220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Those stages look much better then what we've seen so far now...they look bigger aswell. I mean a moving train level....just like The Outfoxies.

I still hope they include a SSB health system as an optional mode...apparently when they created Title Fight thats what the game was like. I hope they still offer it as a mode. I know for a fact people will obviously just go with the characters who's Level 3 attack automaticaly kills everyone on screen rather then manualy doing it.

They need a funny trailer like this when they announce all the characters. It was something I was hoping to see at E3 but it never happened.

sonic9892220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

i agree in terms of the stages thing
but the health bar argument after i saw this game many many times i statred to understand why its better like that
i mean look at the diversity of all those characters having a health bar means characters like radec ( killzone ) wont be useful at all why he does not have even an average close combat abilities
i agree with super bot on this but the stages are just amazing

user54670072220d ago

Yeah but it's still nice to include it as an option. Pretty sure they could easily give some of the characters so kick/punch moves....hell I bet they all do we just havent seen it.

PshycoNinja2220d ago

I played this game a lot at E3. Trust me when I say you forget about health bars or ring outs when everyone is scrambling for a super. Especially towards the end of a match. Everyone is just unleashing their supers.

It was actually one of the most fun games I played at E3. I got back in line like 5 times just to play it again. Radec was great to play as. I am not good at close combat so Radec's long range combat was good for me. His level 3 super just destroyed people. Apparently the developer has never seen someone take out everyone on screen twice with radecs level 3 super until I played. All the Superbot guys came around when I did that. It was glorious.

HebrewHammer2220d ago

I think they still have the Uncharted 2 / Warhawk stage.

MaxXAttaxX2220d ago

I kid.

But seriously, the moving train level was right out of Uncharted 2. Every bit of it.

ThatKanadianKid2220d ago

I wonder if some of these levels we see here haven't been shown off yet. That train level looks cool, I'm going to assume it's from the scene in Uncharted 2.

Dante1122220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Yeah, that looks pretty sweet man. Hope a similar level makes it in the game. Here's the full panel press conference.


remanutd552220d ago

did i see Warhawks there?

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2220d ago

yah, it was a warhawk/uncharted crossover, pretty sweet if you ask me

xursz2220d ago

yes, I believe so. Definitely excited to see more of what made it into the actual game.

CaitSith2220d ago

This was shown at their panel at Comic-Con, not behind closed doors.

PockyKing2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Person who sent it in said behind closed doors :/ "Fixed in the post"

Lol, the silent but deadly disagrees are out in full force today.

CaitSith2220d ago

Based on the disagrees, I guess this wasn't shown at the panel.

UnitSmiley2220d ago

The reason they had to make the levels smaller was because they were actually TOO big. They said that during a competitive match, the giant levels just made things annoying. Remember, they hired a lot of professional fighting game players to help them out with the game.

PirateThom2220d ago

I'd still like to see the Warhawk/Uncharted level.

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