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EA chief executive: 'Free-to-play is anything but free'

The CEO of Electronic Arts has sent a message to investors that its free-to-play business is becoming increasingly lucrative.

John Riccitiello, who is facing questions over his company's share price falling to a ten-year low, insisted that the move into free-to-play is boosting revenues.
"There's a lot of power in free-to-play," he said.

"And by the way, for what it's worth, free-to-play is anything but free. We have lots of games that are 'free-to-play', where paying users are giving us ten, twenty, thirty dollars a month. (EA, Industry)

Them_Bones  +   733d ago
If EA use the word 'free' twice in one sentence it must mean that one cancels out the other.
darthv72  +   733d ago
maybe they should change
the catch phrase of "free-to-play" to:
"but wait, there's more"
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SaffronCurse  +   733d ago
Free to play are games where you are given the choice to buy small microtransactions for virtual goods etc.

Giving you a level cap until level 15 does not make it free to play.
vega275  +   733d ago
I'm starting to hate free to play (pay to win) more than I do DLC.
Dlacy13g  +   733d ago
Free to play has become the new hotness in the industry and the term gets thrown around a ton. Most "free to play" are actually more like "Pay to enjoy" not so much pay to win...but you will have a far more fun experience if you pay for it. The industry is going nuts with this kind of model and I think we are going to see a bubble burst on it quickly. For as many success stories there are, there are far more failed stories.
NYC_Gamer  +   733d ago
EA is too greedy to get the F2P concept right
Baka-akaB  +   733d ago
seems to me most of the f2p companies already were far more greedy . hell making sure some games are nearly impossible to enjoy without paying for stuff .

For once they arent the innovator and leading force in such a mediocre field
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2pacalypsenow  +   733d ago
Nothing is free
Killman  +   733d ago
I have to say this, even though I really want to play it, the makers of DUST 514 have some f***ing nerve to release a $20 DLC pack for a game that I cannot even play yet. Oh, but if I buy it I will get closed beta access! The game could potentially be a bomb but hey, the developers seem really confident if they release $20 DLC way before the game is even out.

Sorry, but THAT pisses me off.
Ducky  +   733d ago
Why does someone offering you something piss you off?
Just don't buy it.

It's a common thing for F2P games to offer DLC at a discounted price before release. Dota2 does it, Tribes did it, it's not that different from pre-ordering a game.
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Killman  +   733d ago
"Here is an amazing remote for my line of HDTV's. You can have it for $20. However, the TV won't be out for another two months."

True, I just need to not buy it, but what is the point of doing this strategy to begin with? I am just questioning the point of the product maker doing it that way.
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Ducky  +   733d ago
... but they're giving you access to the beta and letting you give feedback to shape the game, ALONG with the actual DLC items themselves.

The point is that they know that there are people that want to get into the beta, and there are also existing beta players that like the game enough to buy the DLC. So for those that want it, they can buy it.
Baka-akaB  +   733d ago
I dont even get your point there . You arent entitled beta access . Entry is usually based on some ludicrous factor . Now instead of being random they are making you pay access .

You can definitively stay without said beta access , especially for a future "free" game .

Only the most motivated folks will go through that scheme
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Hal0_0_EmElG  +   733d ago
There's a common fallacy that all f2p games are p2p , this common misconception is usually made by utterly retarded individuals ........ or console players.
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SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   733d ago
i agree with you on that. its FREE to PLAY. you don't have to buy ANYTHING if you don't want to.
kingPoS  +   733d ago
Uhg! that new Gundam isn't really fun unless you have a full wallet. There's good FTP model(DCUO)and then there's bad FTP model.(Gundam BC)
ChunkyLover53  +   733d ago
Free to play is all the rage now days, but it isn't really intended to be the standard protocol for core gamer's. Its built around the idea of micro transactions and paying to win.
ninjahunter  +   733d ago
Eh, ive played a handful off decent enough free to play games. Blacklight retribution was pretty good, but its a pretty solid grind if you dont want to pay ANY money, and there was some dungeons and dragons game that was pretty fun.

Dont know why people are crying up a storm, its a free game, you try it, if you like if you can pay however much you think its worth and you get a little extra sumthin sumthin, dont like it, then theres no loss.
Somebody  +   733d ago
Unless you have been a fan of a franchise that span decades only to have the latest ones to be online only or f2p only games. I'm a big fan of the Mech Warrior, Age of Empires, Diablo, and STALKER series so I was devastated when all of them are announced to be online or f2p.

Just like you said, if I don't like it I can leave them...I don't like f2p so I won't play them but I'll loose all those said game that I've grown up with.

I've played a couple of F2P and they were fun, just like any other games out there. Then they got boring since you are just grinding away to gather XP on the same maps over and over again. At least MMOs have a vast world(s) to explore to grind at.

If a F2P game is a new IP there there's no loss if you ignore them. But for a long running franchise to suddenly embrace F2P, you'll loose the continuation. You'd expect to continue the story from the last time but instead you're just grinding away on multiplayer some maps.

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