SDCC 2012: Hands-on Preview for Zombi U (

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 housed some of gaming’s largest games including a private showing of upcoming console Nintendo’s Wii U. There was a room that showed off Nintendo’s Wii U along with some of the most anticipated titles for the console. Zombi U was one of the more popular titles among guests. This is a game made exclusively for the Wii U and back when it was announced it came to everyone’s surprise of its contents. Unlike most recent Nintendo titles this game is rated mature and will feature a post-apocalyptic setting filled with zombies. Getting our hands-on this game was delightful however it did bring a lot of questions concerning the Wii U to mind.

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TheSuperior 2343d ago

This game looks good. idk about the no pausing part though. I understand it is to make the whole game feel like more of a means of surviving then a game but when it comes down to it there are just points in time that i need to pause the game... someone comes to tell me somthing important and i dont even look up at the screen to give them a second of time doesnt sound very nice to me :/

TheGrimBunny2343d ago

No pause button either... sick!

SheaHoff2343d ago

I get what they're going for, but the pause button thing would kind of bug me too.

samtheseed2343d ago

Obviously the game will pause when you press the Home button and jump on the MiiVerse to video call OctoG123.

bergoo2343d ago

Good memory! Totally forgot about that video


I want to get a hands on of this thing!

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