In The Groove and How Konami Almost Ruined an Era

The year was 2004. In the rhythm game scene, Konami reigned king. In every arcade throughout the country, Dance Dance Revolution featured prominently as the up-and-coming mecca of footspeed, stamina, and ability. The highest players got top scores on songs like max 300 and relinquish oni. The challenge was brisk and the songs went up to a 10-footer scale.

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CernaML2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Hahahaha, I love this article! I've been a part of the dancing game community around my area for the longest time and know exactly what this author is talking about. I experienced it all. Konami may have prevented Roxor from releasing another In The Groove game forever, but the community took things into their own hands and gave the middle finger to Konami. Considering In The Groove ran on the StepMania engine which is an open source program, it was ridiculously easy to do whatever we wanted to these arcade machines.

DDR has seriously gone downhill after Extreme.. hell.. it was already rock bottom here in the states anyway... Betson made TERRIBLE arcade cabinets and we never got online eAmuse support so it was literally impossible to unlock songs in DDR SuperNOVA. Konami US released TERRIBLE PS2 versions that never EVER featured all of the songs from the arcade (thank goodness for Japan imports and Swap Magic) and now, they recently decided to just drop support altogether in the US. No more games, arcade or console.

Roxor did a far better job at supporting the dancing game community until Konami took it all away.

At least we still have Andamiro giving us great Pump it Up games and running huge national tournaments for the best of the best every year. The best part about this whole outcome is how the ITG team ended up partnering with Andamiro and released their own line up of Pump it Up games on that same StepMania engine.