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gamrReview: "While I enjoyed both Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater (the latter slightly more), I can’t help but feel I would have enjoyed them more on a console. This isn’t a case of me being against handheld versions of console games, but rather of me not being able to stomach a huge discrepancy of value between the two. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection still brings together two extremely enjoyable entries of the Metal Gear franchise in one engrossing package but you should only consider picking up the Vita version if you can’t get this collection elsewhere."

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brettyd2337d ago

Controls are frustrating the hell out of me, why does my gun go down after I fire? Why isnt aim the left trigger and fire the right?

mrpotter2337d ago

Good review. They should have included the Twin Snakes remake of MGS 1 . The prices are sky high for that game now on Gamecube.

Smokingunz2336d ago

I bought this game in June and still haven't opened it! So far the review makes sense. I would assume the game would be better on consoles! I only bought this game truthfully on the vita because my vita needed some new games.