XBOX Live Marketplace Update (25th January 2008)

It seems those of you who like your picture packs and themes are in for a treat with today's XBOX Live Marketplace update!

Name: Disruptive Art: Dark Beauty Gamer Pics
Price: 100 Microsoft Points
Availability: Everywhere

Name: Arkadian Warriors Gamer Picture Pack 2
Price: 80 Microsoft Points
Availability: Everywhere

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socomnick3828d ago

Getting overloaded with all the updates.

goodganja443828d ago

Just more $hit coming from Micro$hit. Nothing to see here.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

P4KY B3828d ago

A load of 'Superwhite'

AllroundGamer3828d ago

huge update... ehm huge ripoff, just lol at buying gamer pics and themes :D

INehalemEXI3828d ago

That is pretty sad to pay dough for little 50x50 pixel pics. I guess pixels ain't cheap these days.

heyheyhey3828d ago

you have to pay for art and pictures? that sounds erm... great

Ghoul3828d ago

one of the reasons i sold my 360

on the ps3 i get online, themes and wallpapers for free

ben8063828d ago

its crap, i would never and will never pay for themes.
i pay £40.00 a year for live and they want me, a gold member? to pay for pictures?

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