Dead or Alive 5 "Tag Team Action" trailer

Tecmo Koei released a new trailer for Dead or Alive 5.

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Rainstorm812279d ago

Did i miss something? what is Sarah Bryant doing here?

Is this now DOA vs VF? cause that would be awesome

ABizzel12279d ago

Yes pretty much. VF characters will be in the new DOA.

Rainstorm812279d ago

Hopefully they add Jacky, Lion and Lau Chan and ill be one happy gamer

Lord_Sloth2279d ago

No. There's only 3 VF characters appearing in the game as a thank you to Sega for helping with localizing the game in Europe, as Team Ninja wouldn't have enough money to.

Akira, Sarah, and Pai. Pai hasn't been officially unveiled but her name was found in the coding of the demo as well as what we're assuming is the complete roster.