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GRUK: Executive producer Matt Webster from Criterion Games explains how the experience of Burnout Paradise has helped the development of Most Wanted and how Autolog evolves with this game.

On what it means having experience with open world racing from Burnout Paradise:

"We learned so much in Burnout Paradise. The game that we launched was very, very different to the game that it ended up being and we learned a massive amount in that process. And really we've brought everything that we know from doing Burnout Paradise and from doing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. And with this game it's just like a collision with all of that stuff."

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imXify2342d ago

I just hope they do a BEAST version on Vita <3

FriedGoat2342d ago

I hope this can live up to Burnout Paradise, There seems to be a severe lack of jumps n shizz. I just don't understand where burnout paradise 2 is!