Deadpool was the soul of Comic-Con 2012's event

DSOGaming writes: "Activision had a nice surprise for all Deadpool fans in this year's Comic-Con. Deadpool The Videogame was a great announcement and it seems that Marvel's character has also stolen Comic-Con's cosplay impressions. As with most games, Deadpool was present via some cosplayers and it seems that it was the coolest one in that event. Yes, Mario, Darth Vader, Lara Croft, Chun-Li, Shepard, Predator... they were all there but none of them was as party-crazy as Deadpool. Don't believe us? Take a seat then and watch the following video!"

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Emilio_Estevez2314d ago

He looks to be having a great time.

mike1up2314d ago

Rightfully so since the game will be based off of the Marvel Comic series.

Rampaged Death2314d ago

This is brilliant. Can't wait for more in the future.

JohnApocalypse2314d ago

I wish there was a bit where he met the Deadpool from the High Moon panel