Wii U's Graphics Won't Be A Generation Leap At Launch, 2 Big Titles Yet To Be Announced

Many people, including myself, are still very sceptical with the Wii U regarding what it can really do and the unique control methods that Nintendo has brought to the table. Indeed, Nintendo is always one to innovate the industry, just like it did with the Wii’s motion control and the DS’ touch screen capabilities, but the Wii U is something different – once again.

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Morrigan-Aensland2315d ago

I can't wait for the Wii u so the fans can support it. I'll be buying ps4 on launch

Hisiru2315d ago

I will buy PS4 and WiiU at launch (if there is a black WiiU at launch)

TheGamerScene2315d ago

I would also like to see a black Wii U at launch, though i dont think it'll happen...

BitbyDeath2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

I'll get the WiiU in a few years time once my daughter is old enough to play them.

I'll be picking up a PS4 at launch for me tho.

donman12315d ago

I am also with you guys with a Wii U and PS4 gaming combination. Till the Wii U launch... i am enjoying my PS3.

Sono4212315d ago

Same enjoying my PS3 for the time being (Just got PS+) Now i'm enjoying all sorts of new games :D Right now playing Gotham City Imposters.. such a great arcade shooter! :D But i'm posotive what I already have could keep me busy till the Wii U. Then the Wii U and PS3 combined should easily keep me busy till PS4.

WetN00dle692315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

WiiU and new xbox for me.

xursz2315d ago

Not to be a fanboy or anything but you'll definitely be missing out. I'll be playing all 3 regardless since my brother is an XBox fan (mostly because of Halo) and I'm sure we'll be getting a Wii-U for the family at one point.

WetN00dle692314d ago

Ohh dont get me wrong i will be getting a PS4 later on just not on release day. Id be stupid not to.

BlmThug2315d ago

I am purchasing both a next box and PS4 day one. Im not a fan of low tech or Mario so no Wii U for me

darkgod2315d ago

then stay out of these sections? u dont see me going on ps4 news saying ima get a Wii u or next box weird.

stragomccloud2314d ago

If you're not a fan of lo tech then you should stop playing technologically static consoles. Also if you don't like Mario, you must have forgotten how to have fun.

Salamander2315d ago

I heartedly agree -PS3+WiiU combo for me. We will see if WiiU can placate me past Ps4 launch.

Guwapo772314d ago

On topic here - why aren't I suprised these graphics won't be a generational leap... Still buying it tho.

The Creep2314d ago

deffo the next xbox for me. hmm and maybe a wii u if there is super smash bros

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enemyshooter2315d ago

Cannot wait for the Wii U, this article has pretty much told me that I have to buy it!

SillyBeans2315d ago

I'm excited about the two unannounced games. It is starting to look like the Wii U is coming out around November more and more. Looking forward to the announcement in August.

Skateboard2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

It wont be a giant leap, but it will look damn good. The haters need to get over it. I already got a disagree how typical, keep hating brahhhh.

PopRocks3592315d ago

Generation leap or not, I still think it will be a fairly powerful console compared to today's standards. Go look at the latest screens and trailers for ZombiU. Now take into account that's probably an Alpha build of the game. Now take into account that it, like the rest of the Wii U's launch library, doesn't use much more than 50% of the console's power.

Perhaps the games won't look quite as nice as they will on the upcoming Sony/Microsoft consoles, but it will still have some visual stunners in the long run.