Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime addresses Diablo 3 players

Early this morning Mike Morhaime wrote a lengthy reply to all Diablo players. In it he covers the success of the game and mistakes in the first few weeks. He also recognizes mistakes made since launch, and outlines intentions for the game moving forward.

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Jdoki2312d ago

Yawn, too little too late.

Half of what the CEO said made it sound like D3 was an unfinished game at launch, and the rest was excuses to justify their poor design decisions.

D3 will not go down as an all-time classic; and whilst I've had fun and just about got my moneys worth, I'm done with it for now.

pompombrum2312d ago

Tbh you can hate on Blizz all you want but the fact their CEO comes out and addresses players like this is leaps and bounds above most gaming companies. It's a real shame that such a guy probably has to deal with that twat Kotick on a regular basis.

Mythicninja2312d ago

I'm wanting to hate, but you have a point. I wonder how different things might be if they were totally independent

majiebeast2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

He didnt adress anything everything he said was stuff we already knew, and half was about how much the game sold. Thats what people want CEO's kicking in open doors and talk sales. When the game is losing players every day. Blizzard's own fault they decided to sleep with the devil you reap what you sow.

Maybe when the game isnt auction house tycoon ill come back and kill some of thier *fun* elite mobs.

vortis2311d ago

Uhh, the CEO had to make a statement to curb all the piss poor negative press.

The RMAH is always in the news for screwing people over. If he didn't say anything it would look like Blizzard didn't care that they were screwing people over.

fossilfern2312d ago

I still havnt bought this game due to its DRM. IF my internet goes down I cant play a game that I paid for, seems fair. /s

Tzuno2312d ago

Guest pass still this day. When the price goes down maybe i will buy. D3 from the beginning was not a finished game and the drm is stupid.

GREW50ME2311d ago

His words prove that he is a clueless bitch!

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