What Happened Chris?

With the upcoming release of Resident Evil 6, Nathan from discusses his favorite characters in the series, an asks what happened to make Chris fall so far from grace.

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user54670072343d ago

"has apparently developed a few bad habits and his health has taken a turn for the worse. Drunk, depressed, and slightly amnesiac, this steadfast soldier has finally succumbed to the physical and psychological terror that has been thrown at him for years"

and who is the person who should be there to comfort him, to get him out of his dark place, the one person who knows what he's going through because she's been through most of it aswell...oh yeah his best friend and possible love interest Jill.

But...whats this

Instead of Jill coming into the bar to talk to him we get a pointless, uninteresting character, Piers.

I honestly don't get Capcom, how could you make Chris go to a dark place and then get someone like Piers who we've never saw before and dosen't know what Chris is going through to try and bring him out. Even Barry would of been a better choice.

Honestly even the small things bug me with Capcom's decisions they've made for RE6.

Pozzle2343d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was a bit annoyed by that. I know it seems petty, but IMO that whole intro scene would have been so much more powerful if it had been Jill or even Sheva who talked Chris into returning to the BSAA instead. It makes no sense to introduce a brand new random sidekick when there are plenty of already-existing RE characters (who are also members of the BSAA) who could do the exact same job.

It would have made for a far better scene if Jill or Sheva had been the ones to witness Chris sinking into alcoholism and depression (and attempt to rescue him from it), as opposed to some random kid barging into the bar and telling off Chris for not being the hero he was expecting. I'm not even a big fan of Sheva, but I'd rather see her as Chris' partner again than some random guy who doesn't seem to have much personality beyond [INSERT GENERIC SIDEKICK HERE]. Why do Capcom insist on creating so many new sidekick characters only to throw them away at the end of the game?

fantasygamer2343d ago

Would of been much better if Jill like you both said or even Barry who we haven't seen for the longest time confront Chris.

user54670072343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

I know right

We've had

Jake - Was there any need to make Wesker have a son

Instead of using

Jill - She was in Revelations but they could of made it just about her and Chris. Instead they added two other characters...was there any point

Barry - Havent seen him since the end of RE3

Billy - No where to be you think Umbrella would really let him go after what he witnessed. They already tried to kill the STARS team, considering all their resources they could of easily tracked him down. Maybe a game where he is being hunted down during the events of RE2/3 and Rebbeca, who is also being hunted decides to find him since she knows they'll go after him aswell.

Carlos - Totaly vanished after RE3

Rebbeca - Never heard of since RE0

Claire - Would of made more sense to be in this game since Sherry is also making an appearence.

The problem is that during RE2 and RE3 we learnt that Umbrella was trying to kill people who had saw or found out what they were up to. All the old fan favorite characters would of been tracked down and nearly killed. Jill and Claire are the only ones we've seen after RE3.

There was so much potenial to continue the series after RE4 by using fan favorites. Without pushing the the series forward to the present day because the characters would just get older to quickly. RE5 could of been set during the same time as RE4 while Leon is in Easten Europe saving Ashley. Chris and the old STARs members meeting up to form the BSAA, we learn what Barry and Rebbeca have been up to and Chris and Jill with the help of Barry and Rebbeca could of stopped Wesker together...but obviously not kill him since he's such a great villain. RE6 could of been about Leon helping Claire on a mission with RE7 being set during the same time but Rebbeca and Jill finding out what happened to Billy and Carlos since Umbrella is still tracking them down.

...and so on

You get the point :)

Kyosuke_Sanada2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Don't forget Steve. It would have made perfect sense if Jake was Steve Burnside, I mean that's what a large majority of the fanbase thought he was and a plausible story showing his development would have at least eased some of the backlash.....

But like I said before Capcom is too filled with pride and is trying to basically say with these new characters that "Hey we don't need Shinji and the original team."

Pozzle2343d ago

A part of me still hopes it will be revealed at the end of RE6 that Jake really is Steve. It makes more sense to me that Wesker would take on mutant!Steve as an "adopted" son of sorts, as opposed to Wesker having a kid the good ol' fashioned human way.

But then, I might be giving Capcom too much credit in the story-telling department.