Halo 4 Forge Mode: 343 on custom playlists, flexible maps, "important new additions"

OXMUK writes: 343's released a load of new intel on Halo 4's recently unveiled Forge Mode, a nipped and tucked version of the famous level editor which dumps Halo: Reach's giant single map in favour of several, slightly less sizeable discreet environments.

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robavila952312d ago

I'm glad they made various environments rather than a huge world because Forge World's environment did get boring and made every map feel the same. Besides any custom games that used the whole map didn't really work because the map felt very empty, even with 16 players.

ColdHalo2312d ago

It felt empty because 16 players was not enough for levels that used all of forge world. I think you would need 24 players or 26 for it to feel ok.

Balcrist2311d ago

24 players per team maybe....

Hivemind2311d ago

Looks awesome, I especially like the new lighting.

Balcrist2311d ago

Locking objects is a great addition, though i feel like Magnets will get on my nerves unless i'm building a bridge... but what they still need is a way to group meshed (phased) items into one "item" so that they can all be moved together if necessary. This would also let players create new objects by grouping existing ones. Another thing that would be cool is if we could define object paths, to set an object to travel a certain (circular) path at a defined rate... I mean, how awesome would it be to build star-ships, group them together, and then make two teams fight each other from said moving platforms??

robavila952310d ago

I'm pretty sure they will include an option to turn magnets off. As for the moving objects idea, I agree 100%, that's a great idea.