New Armored Kill Trailer For Battlefield 3 Defines Epic

DualShock Nexus: The new trailer for Battlefield 3's upcoming DLC Armored Kill, is out now and it doesn't disappoint. It looks as though one of the maps will give you the "cold" shoulder (Get it? Ha ha ha...okay). Check out the trailer and extra information below.

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TheModernKamikaze1953d ago

That's not how it works.
Usually it consists of an innuendo.

Them_Bones1953d ago


In most cases maybe, but I'm just that good.

Peppino71953d ago

Wow that was actually a really cool video. Showed some nice new toys!

zeeshan1953d ago

I absolutely LOVED Battlefield 3 and I guess I invested over 300 or 400 hours (don't remember anymore). But to be honest, their trailers are NOT the way to go. See this trailer is clearly taken from the PC version of the game. I play on my PS3 so I have no idea if PC version actually plays exactly the way it shows in the trailer because on my PS3, the recoil is so pathetic that I can't even begin to describe it.

It wasn't there before the spring patch but kids kept crying about it and how almost every gun was over-powered and they wanted to nerf the shit out of the game. Result was DICE actually gave them exactly what they wanted. The tanks became more like plastic, the helis were significantly nerfed. Terrible amount of recoil was added and the new CQ map pack!? That is absolutely NOT the battlefield game that we all know. That was a COD wanna be half ass bull**** game!

DICE ruined BF3 and I don't think I can ever return to it ever again. Not at least by looking at trailers and promo videos. I'll wait to hear from YOU guys, the gamers, the ones who really matter.

pixelsword1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

That's what she said... you?

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ArchangelMike1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Epic is right! Man, I'm glad I got Premuim. I'm still loving CQC, and this just looks awesome.

geth1gh1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Just for reference below, I have bought every bf game and dlc since 1942. This trailer looks sick and I can not wait for those maps to be packed full of 64 ppl in vehicles!!!

CQC is okay, but it isn't battlefield.

As for premium I am so disappointed so many people are paying for it. You can disagree with me all day but if you sit down and listen to my logic here, you know I am right.

As the developer of the witcher 2 just stated (who made their game completely drm free on the pc btw) "game companies are over-exploiting gamers"

Now don't get me wrong, I totally want to support them including dlc. But having a grand total of a game come to $110, dlc or not is unacceptable.

The game cost $60. For that $60 you get the true game, all the time it took them to develop the engine, weapon mechanics, vehicle mechanics, gameplay, etc. Out of that process map design while important, really isn't the biggest time or resource waster.

That said, even if it is 20 maps (which most already have 4 of them from B2K, so its kind of a advertisement scam) it isn't worth the price of a full game all over again.

It's just crazy and sad that the community supports stuff like premium. I guess it's because the majority of the people get their mommy and daddy to buy it.

AusRogo1953d ago

@Beth1gh yes but the minority of us pay with our own money and can see that we are saving money with premium, dice always bring out the best DLC so I see no problem tbh

ATi_Elite1953d ago

Love those BF3 trailers, they really get you pumped up!

Armored Kill is gonna have me back in the BF3 drivers seat!

(well at least until Planetside 2 gets released)

jimbobwahey1953d ago

They're great trailers yeah, but it's pretty jarring when you go play the console versions of the game and the graphics are nowhere near as good and the battles aren't as epic because there's a much smaller playercount for the game.

That's why I don't trust any of the trailers that EA puts out for their Battlefield/Medal of Honor games, because the Xbox 360/PS3 versions are nothing like what they show :(

iPad1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Sorry for the Off-topic comment but....

Should I buy PS3 now, or wait for the PS3 "super slim"?

I already have a PS3 but it's not looking so good. I'll play a game and it'll turn off. It'll beep and the light would turn yellow and back to red.

robavila951953d ago

Buy the cheapest alternative.

krisq1952d ago

You should wait. GamesCom is around the corner.

ArchangelMike1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Wait for super slim to release, then buy a PS3 slim cos the price would have gone down. But then again, that'll probably be at Christmas time, so it gives you some time to save up :]

DrRobotnik1953d ago

I just jizzed in my pants a little.

doogiebear1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I'll be honest:

I stopped playing BF3 because I was getting bored. HOWEVER, I did buy the CQC maps. But then got bored again.

BUT THIS TRAILER is exactly the thing to get me excited again. The DLC alone is enough to kill this year's COD game. The cabin in the open-spaced Snow map reminded me of Bad Company 2.

CAN'T WAIT, SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SuperSandLegend1953d ago

Can't wait to try out the new maps. I'm glad I got premium.

Crazyglues1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Yeah premium really is the way to go, got two friends who just bought the map pack: Close Quarters, and now they will need to buy this one, and they want to go Premium now..

They will just be paying extra now, because you can't get a refund for the maps you already bought, so they messed up..

To anyone still on the fence just get premium -


shackdaddy1953d ago

I think they get a discount if they already have maps. IDK, I think I got a discount for owning Karkand...

Crazyglues1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

No player this is how it works...

If you have the limited Edition of Battlefield 3 you get B2K for free... that's free for all limited editions (people who pre-ordered BF3 or got lucky and bought a Limited edition copy from somewhere)

Now if you bought CQ -(close Quarters) then you paid 14.99 which is the full price.

and when you get Premium, there is no discount or refund for CQ or B2K

-Premium is already a discount Price and includes all the DLC - so if you buy Premium you are getting each DLC at 9.99 instead of 14.99 each

Now here is the kicker, if you bought CQ and maybe you bought B2K you can't get your money back for those- Premium is still 49.99 and it includes those maps..

So you end up paying 49.99 for premium and 14.99 + 14.99 depending on if you bought both B2K and CQ before you bought premium meaning you paid = 79.97 total.

So always get Premium if your thinking about getting the maps... -better to just go Premium then buying each DLC


KontryBoy7061953d ago

Premium is the way to go. I got CQ for the PS3... :( I'll hold off on getting Premium until after I finish building my PC. Oh yeah!

vickers5001953d ago

I bought BF3 on ps3 back when it was on sale for 19.99 at Best Buy and was loving it so much at the time, I stupidly and prematurely bought Back to Karkand. Then the BF3 Premium rumors started flying about and then it was announced and I was kind of pissed off.

Had I just played the base game and waited and not bought Karkand, BF3 premium would have been an insta-buy for me, because I love the game, it's my goto FPS multiplayer game, but now that I've already bought Karkand, I feel like 49.99 is a bit of a rip off.

If I can find a sale or a way to get at least 10 dollars off of it, then I'll get it.

Emilio_Estevez1953d ago

Screw premium, gameshare is the way to go. Glad I didn't pay for it. CQ is awful, it's not Battlefield, it's COD and I hate it.

They had better redeems themselves with the new one and it looks like they will.

SlapHappyJesus1953d ago

I'd rather wait and see how the maps turn out, instead of blindly throwing money at a developer. Even if it is one I trust.

If even one of those map packs turn out crappy, you really aren't ahead if you have been playing since day one.

I can deal with waiting an extra two weeks and missing out on some skins. I don't spend money on that which I have no idea what to expect from.

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Hufandpuf1953d ago

If this game doesn't win game of the year, I'm going to flip out, because that just blew my mind!

Ace_Pheonix1953d ago

Came out last year, didn't win. Won a couple online multiplayer awards though.

WillGuitarGuy1953d ago

Didn't MW3 win over this at the VGA's? Wait...I forgot, it's the VGA's.

Hufandpuf1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I think it still has the legs to grab GOTY from Black Ops 2 and MOH:Warfighter this year as best shooter.

Seriously, look at how many people play this game and look at the content they keep releasing. It's hard not to keep coming back and saying:

"I've never played a better multiplayer shooter this year in 2012 so far"

torchic1953d ago


isn't GOTY awarded to the best game (of a particular genre) of that year? don't think BF3 will even get a nomination...

but Battlefield 3 is probably the best shooter that money can buy at the moment no lie there. BLOPS comes in at a close second.

ginsunuva1953d ago

Remember Dice makes great scripted trailers that aren't as great when playing them

RegorL1950d ago

Take another look at this trailer and you will see that the cameras point of view moves around in a (two actually) specific scene.

Solders running, you see the rocket artillery.
Next inside artillery, you see vehicles approaching.
In tank, you see the rocket artillery.
- - -

Either they record on all PCs simultaneously or this is the Battle recorder in action...

Detoxx1953d ago

I just cannot imagine how you would not buy this game after seeing this

WillGuitarGuy1953d ago

I came, I saw, I came This looks fun though. I'm so excited!

grahf1953d ago

If I had the same PC that the game in the trailer was running on, I'd buy it in a second. The trailer gameplay looks amazing!


I'd like to see the trailer shot on the 360, since thats my current platform of choice. There would be a HUGE DIFFERENCE!

leogets1953d ago

Wouldnt go as far as huge difference dude.few extra players and a little crisper graphics.nothing mind blowing in regards of platform difference.

FragMnTagM1953d ago

I have both the PC and 360 version of the game, and like leogets said, there isn't a huge difference.

I have it maxed on PC and I can tell you the differences.

Better particle effects (explosion and smoke)
Higher anti-aliasing (no jaggies)
More players
Higher resolution
60fps is pretty nice (feels more fluid)

That is basically it, besides some of the maps having more capture points and the bigger maps like caspian have mobile AA guns.

grahf1953d ago

There is a huge difference, and its really not debatable.

@leogets : A "Few" extra players? Last I checked 64-24 = 40. That's more than a "few!" You have gigantic maps, and having 2.6x the number of players from console to PC makes an enormous difference. And the graphics aren't just crisper. They're 1080p vs 720p-upscaled.

@FragMnTagM : You're just plain wrong as well. Basicaly every bullet point you listed makes a huge difference. In fact, running at 60 FPS vs 30 FPS makes all the difference in the world, it isn't just "nice", especially at 1080p resolution.

You guys are acting like I'm hating on the game. Well, I didn't necessarily LOVE it on the 360, but I don't hate it. In fact, I applaud the vast technical leap the PC can output vs the current consoles. Don't downplay one of the biggest reasons console players should be envious of PC gamers & hobbyists. I know I am.

yoyo121211953d ago

Ps3 is better than Xbox 360

FunAndGun1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

lol @ leogets

a few extra players.....that was quite funny.

I only play BF3 on PS3, but the PC version has HUGE advantages over the consoles.

grahf is completely right. I mean I don't even play Conquest on PS3 because the maps are too big and there are not enough players to fill it. you spend more time looking for a battle then you do actually shooting.

The player count is one of the biggest problems with the console version.

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synchroscheme1953d ago

This is the true battlefield we've all been waiting for.

CaptainSheep1953d ago

That was so amazing. O__O
I have GOT to get Premium soon.

HammadTheBeast1953d ago

If you're on PS3, gameshare it off a friend.