Dishonored art director: “Graphics march on, but game worlds do not”

Viktor Antonov, art director on Dishonored and creator of Half-Life 2′s City 17, believes game worlds haven’t made the same progress that graphics have, resulting in “a lack of variety.”

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2338d ago

Because half life 3 is not out yet!

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Greyfoxdbz2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Arkham City's game world, while small, is pretty darn impressive.

M83_2338d ago

It's a fair point to make. I often wonder if we never entered a recession and games developers weren't playing it relatively safe to not gamble sales so much, would we have more 'out there' and different games?

Annoyingly it's the same type of generic (piss off fishy fingers!:P) shooters that seem to sell. It annoys me because killzone was unique and very enjoyable, the 3rd one still is, but it lost a small bit of it's charm I think, because of the huge success of call of duty.

I'm starting to feel the same about battlefield also unfortunately.

Of course there are stand out games that are unique for this gen like heavy rain and uncharted's heavy emphasis on storyline+immersive game world.

Just to hit out at this guy though, look at Red Dead's game world! Fucking fantastic.
But those types of games are fewer and further between these days.
I hope the fps really dies down a bit next gen.