One Way Duke Nukem Forever Was Similar To Half-Life

It’s something more than one person noticed while playing Gearbox’s critical lemon Duke Nukem Forever — the game does have a few things in common with Valve’s much-heralded masterpiece Half-Life. No really!

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Soldierone2282d ago

You can honestly get this game for under 5 dollars right now, thats about the only good thing going for it.....

Reverent2282d ago

The only thing they have in common is that you shoot guns. Other than that, how can you compare a game that's reached a legendary status like Half-Life, to a crappy, poorly made "attempt" of a game like DNF?

Greyslash2282d ago

Why did everyone hate DNF so much? It did what it was supposed to, which was be a Duke Nukem game. I've been waiting years for it, picked it up for 60 dollars at launch and loved every second of it. If you were expecting more than a Duke Nukem game, I have bad news for you, but granted, I guess it isn't the 90s anymore, and Duke doesn't have nearly as many fans.

Reverent2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

People don't hate on it because of what kind of game it is. Hell, it was one of the best selling games because people loved the series. The real reason it was hated on was because it was a glitchy mess. A lot of people actually had trouble even finishing the game and multiplayer was practically unplayable.

Venox20082282d ago

actually I liked this game, what did you expect from such an old game (I say old because when it's started developing) gameplay wise?