Mortal Kombat Designer Says Jax And Cyborg Are Not The Same Guy

Kotaku: All the black man-machine heroes do NOT know each other. After playing a few rounds of Injustice: Gods Among Us at Comic-Con last night, I asked Ed Boon whether I was just imagining some similarity between Mortal Kombat’s Jax and the newly unveiled Cyborg.

Boon said some of the developers back at Netherrealm have said the same thing. But he attributes that observation to the fact that both Cyborg and Jax have victory poses that end in the three-point landing position.

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Tonester9252339d ago

" All the black man-machine heroes do NOT know each other. "

I don't think that was necessary.

DivineAssault 2339d ago

Why cant the black man be a cool hero with genetic abilities like the white folks?

DivineAssault 2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

bishop sux lol.. Blade is the only one i know of.. If theres more they arent as renown as the others

noxeven2339d ago

Cyborg is a pretty sweet character from teen titans and just league. I mean they could get rid of the metal look there cyborg model has and with the more cyber glass look is probably the best way to look at it. Either way i just hope static get some love in this game

ApolloTheBoss2339d ago

Static Shock? Oh hell yeah!!

SuperbVillain2337d ago

put static shock in the game

WeskerChildReborned2337d ago

Ahaha right when i saw Cyborg, i thought of Jax.