Resident Evil 6 Doesn’t Look Promising

Padinga writes:

On paper, RE6 has a lot of cool concepts: three distinct campaigns with three distinct play styles, drop-in/out co-op, a hefty globetrotting story, a rumored fourth campaign, plenty of scares and things to shoot. So, why do I have my head up my ass? Well, to be honest, I am not all that impressed with the demos I’ve seen. Keep in mind, yes, this is gameplay from an unfinished release and I have not actually played any of these. So let me get to it: none of what I saw looks good.

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CustardTrout2313d ago

It seems pretty awesome from what I played on the demo, it's almost like having 3 games in one because each character varies in gameplay so much.

mewhy322313d ago

well, to be honest the whole 'zombie' thing is getting pretty tired for me.

Pozzle2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Um...then play a series that doesn't primarily revolve around zombies. o.O

Nobody plays games like Uncharted or Grand Theft Auto and thinks to themselves, "hmmm...the whole human thing is getting pretty tired. Why aren't the enemies aliens instead?" I mean, could you imagine the uproar if the next Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising title suddenly ditched zombies because the devs thought they were getting "pretty tired". So why is Resident Evil treated differently? Why do gamers expect RE live up to bizarre standards that no other series would be expected to live up to?

LAWSON722313d ago

@ possle
you have not play uncharted 1

Ryatta2313d ago

I'm not very find of the Chris postion of the demo, I've always loved Resident Evil and don't like the actio heavy direction RE5 took... however RE5 sold like crazy and if theres a big market for it then Capcom will provide it.. I'm thankful that Leon's capmaign is more akin to RE4 which is my favourite of the series.

Ramas2313d ago

To bad you were in kindergarden when RE1 and RE2 was released, otherwise it would be your favorite series.

Ryatta2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Actually I was 11 but the first RE game(and my favourite of the older gamess) I played was RE2 which RE6 seems very remaniscent of gven the multiple campaings and Sherry, Leon and Ada returning.

Though my point would be RE4 is still my favourite RE game because the fear in the original games was created by the controls and camera more then gameplay. RE4 was tense and a more reaction based horror where if you died you couldn't blame the camera or tank controls...

I'll refer this for anyone interested:

Redempteur2313d ago

How about you keep your expectations from when you'll be able to try the demo for yourself ?

Run_bare2313d ago

I Love Dragon Dogma, Capcom show a bit of courage in making game that is different. I actually can't wait to play the Demo, it's not out yet in Australia.

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The story is too old to be commented.