A Game to Liberate the Vita from its Poor Sales

Gamesta writes: The Vita has hit a pretty gigantic speed bump as far as sales go. Well, maybe more of a gigantic spike strip.

Since its release, Sony has sold about two million Vitas worldwide. At launch it sold fairly well with about 325,000 units. But because of the lack of many strong games to go along with the new sleek and fancy system, sales plummeted in the early months. During one week in February, the Vita was actually outsold by the PSP at a measly 12,309 units.

There are only 25 games currently available for the Vita. Unfortunately the majority of these games have not been getting the greatest reception from the critics. Not many have been bad, most likely due to the multitude of cool features the Vita has to offer, but on the other hand, not many games have been awesome enough to make consumers feel the urge to go out and buy the $300 system.

But there is hope for the Vita on the horizon, and it will be leaping down from the rooftops with hidden blades at our throats before we know it.

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g-nome2336d ago

Actually there are 44 games available for the vita according to Metacritic , with half of them scoring very well . Not sure what you are smoking.

Pozzle2336d ago

I think they got their info jumbled up. There were 25 launch titles for the Vita...but there have obviously been more released since then.

Outside_ofthe_Box2336d ago

LMAO You're right.

The author is also right that AC3:L will boost Vita sales though.

sikbeta2336d ago

Not when it's released the same day as the next AC for PS360...

MAiKU2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

It's usually a console game vs console game that will hinder sales.

I like to think that the portables are competition with other portables and not consoles.

If both do well then it'd just be in the spot right next to the other game's spot on the sales charts. And all sales for both games will do well for the company.

As for the sales of the VITA, if the sales of the game are good then so will be the sales of the portable.

With this game, people will probably want to play the vita version if they like the console version. You know... for fandom, story, gameplay.

chrisarsenalsavart2336d ago

another idiots, trolling about vita without actually getting the facts straight.

SandWitch2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Seriously, there ore over 40 Vita games, 20 of them has "green" (score 75 or better) Metascore. In comparison 3DS has 117 rated games, but only 31 are "green".

Also it's not $300 system anymore, you can get Vita for much cheaper using various deals.

Obviously just a troll article

blackout2336d ago

There is nothing on the Vita to be excited about. But there are things to come.

Skateboard2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Yeah, its been out for 4 years. Sony what is your deal ?


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The story is too old to be commented.