Yakuza 5 screenshots are in

Xbigy Games: A bunch of new Yakuza 5 screenshots have appeared via the game’s official website. The images show off some of the Yakuza’s characters, old and new. There has been a clear effort to improve the graphics in the game with more detailed faces, just check out some of those wrinkles!

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showtimefolks2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

here is hoping yakuza 1-2 HD comes out on retail and psn in the west.

also i think it would be smart on sega's behalf if they just include the english subs at launch and launch it world wide.

either way sega can take 30 from me for yakuza 1-2 in hd on disk

and hopefully they will do a special edition for yakuza 5 otherwise 60 for sure lol take my money sega


it was time for a upgrade to the engine or building a new engine

WeskerChildReborned2314d ago

Same here, Yakuza 5 looks interesting and i never really gave the Yakuza series a chance cause i never played 1 or 2. Now i get too so i can get into the series cause i've heard some positive stuff about the Yakuza games except the spin off.

showtimefolks2314d ago

even the spin offs(dead souls)are a lot of fun and actually have very good stories

IMO yakuza 3 is the best but i will buy 1-2 in a heart beat