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I love playing games on a console. Yet, I buy far more games for mobile devices then do for my console. Any idea why that is? Simply put: Games are expensive. Yes, a $1.99 game might not be as long or as graphically impressive as a $59.99 PS3 game, but chances are I have an extra $1.99 in my pocket; its rare I can say the same for $59.99. The last few years have brought amazing advancements in gaming technology, but at a great financial cost to the gamer. OUYA is out to change all that.

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chasegarcia2287d ago

I will buy this just for the controller. If it is universal.

OmniSlashPT2287d ago

*2 months from now*

"Why the OUYA was destined to fail"


WeskerChildReborned2287d ago

Dude i don't think so. it seems like their will be a catch cause in a interview she said that all games will be free to "TRY" so probably try before you buy

joeorc2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

but it's not already out yet and has its first exclusive:

Update #4: Our first exclusive game


and here is gameinformer with the scoop

After leaving Infinity Ward to start his own game company Robotoki, former creative strategist Robert Bowling is looking to explore the greatest threat in a zombie apocalypse with his team’s first project: Human Element.