Sony vs Nintendo: Game On

The answer, however, may lie in longevity. Although many of the new Wii games are genre defining, can the motion sensor action really make up for the Wii's lack of processing power on a permanent basis? And how many more games can companies invent that will allow users to play in new and innovative ways? The PS3, on the other hand, has yet to be fully exploited in terms of the power it offers, with Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison claiming some time ago that "nobody will ever use 100 percent of its capability".

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thisguywithhair3825d ago

This guy is telling the truth in more ways than he knows it when he says:
"...we will probably be enthused for many months to come with the graphically wondrous but unashamedly unoriginal revamps of old favourites..."

It has been proven time and time again that when something truely revoloutionary happens, it takes a while for people to fully realize what has happened and what can done with it now.

Take sound being introduced into movies. Before it was all about the actors movements and camera angles. Suddenly the actors voices could be heard and an all ne dimension of film making was opened. Now you could set the tone with background sound effects barely heard off screen. Until that point the only medium that had that power was radio.

All I am saying is that right now we have no choice but to wait for developers to realize what their mediums are now capable of and learn how to exploit it to it's full potential.

heroman7113825d ago

i hate the wii's game. only reason i still have mine is cuz im waiting 4 brawl. i was thinking of seling it 2 get a 360 but i gotta have my brawl

wiizy3825d ago

you dont have a wii.. so be quiet ps fanboys.. the wii like the ds will be crown champion of this generation cause it offers great games for everyone... and thats good that you're looking forward to smash bros cause there is no ps3 games that i would want.. and besides they play and look better on xbox360

wiizy3825d ago

not even sure why they say game on...cause the public has spoken they want innovation over a little extra polish and the sales tell that truth

ravinash3825d ago

Your talking about two totally different markets here.
there are things on the Wii that you like but you don't like anything that’s coming out on PS3.... like wise there are things on the PS3 that I like, but there nothing on Wii that tickles my fancy.
You can also see Wii is more family & casual orientated, where ps3 is more hard core and casual gamers.

fergie16163825d ago

The Wii and Ps3 are both great systems but the PS3 is overpriced and hasn't got a single game that interests me that isnt on 360. The Wii on the other hand has many quality hardcore and casual titles along with many more on the way.

Skerj3825d ago

The PS3's price is relatively high, but overpriced? Hardly.

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