The Great Pre-Wii U Backlog Saga

NWR: Sales. 25% off. Buy 2 Get 1 Free. Free plush with pre-order. Free soundtrack. Midnight launch party. $20 gift card. Clearance. Pre-owned discount. The internet. Hype. Coupons. Ads. Friends. Family. The guy who sits the next cubicle over and always seems to have the latest game.

This is how a backlog grows. No one just wakes up and decides they'll buy dozens and dozens of videogames they won't find the time to play. You come into a new game system immaculate and clean, without any gaming debts. Then five or six years later, due to a combination of human weakness and all the temptations mentioned above plus more, you find yourself guiltily staring at a pile of games you haven't touched, but that apparently at one point in your life you desired enough to purchase, borrow, or (god forbid) steal.

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