Pikimal: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Review – The Birdman Has Crashed

Pikimal: If there is one thing that pulp fiction has taught me, it’s that reanimating the deceased is always a bad idea. In the business of reanimating corpses, the decomposition and decay on a deceased body leaves the resurrected a broken husk – a horrifying shell of their former selves. Yet time and time again people the hubris of mankind blurs the vision of otherwise upstanding men, turning them towards the dark arts and disaster.

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I Think you might have went way over board . Never the less i concur. The game plays horrible and graphics are just a painted turd and thats just the demo talking...What moron puts out a demo for 1:30 seconds with stoping gameplay at .30 seconds left . The demo sucks more roosters than bob K. appalling!
Bird Man is dead and so is skating ....leave it alone