Final Fantasy XV trademark filed

Although no one noticed until now, a U.S. trademark was filed last month for none other than Final Fantasy XV.

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iamtehpwn2314d ago

It's not Final Fantasy XV. It's Final Fantasy XIV's 2.0 new logo:

Look in the left corner of this screenshot to see the same logo:

Run_bare2314d ago

Wow, I just see that. Makes sense now.

Ranma12314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

But according to this trademark filing, its an FF15 logo?

Any SE should make FF15 like FF 1-10

Bring back turnbased atb battle systems where you can control all characters like the good old days.

Not the super fast battle system in FF13 where you dont even have time to think.

LightofDarkness2314d ago

I'm hoping more for an expansion on the systems used in XII (and a similar system in Xenoblade), which is apparently the rumour that has been floating around. With Ito at the helm, I'm not at all worried that the gameplay will suffer; VI, IX and XII had some of the best gameplay changes in the history of the series, and to me, were certainly the most fun to actually PLAY.

Going back to a purely turn-based system would simply be a step backwards. It would appease some purists, but it would certainly make it difficult to attract new players and may even be off-putting for more recent fans. The series can't progress by using what is frankly an outdated mechanic. The turn-based system was used not just because it's standard for D&D type games, but simply because the hardware of the older systems couldn't truly depict the battles on the scale and drama that they'd have liked. Gameplay systems have evolved greatly, especially in the last decade, so that real-time systems can still employ RPG mechanics at their heart and allow for a great deal of player control, while remaining dynamic, visually alluring and engaging all at once, thus allowing it to compete with the more flashy and dynamic games that players have become accustomed to. The fans may eat me alive for that one, but you know it's true.

Skateboard2314d ago

We get it you hate 12. I hate turn based anime cliche garbage, we even.

Run_bare2314d ago

I want my Versus XIII, really Square, this start to piss me off even more.

kingdavid2314d ago

I dont think its ever been in development.

Summons752314d ago

I luaghed....until I realized you were being serious with that troll comment

Godmars2902314d ago

At the very least, they showed a couple of CG movies - behind closed doors - of it supposedly being in production.

gaffyh2313d ago

They've showed in-engine footage as well, so it was definitely in development at some point.

trenken3112314d ago

We really dont need anymore FF games.

cornroves2314d ago

No, we really do, we need developers to show that there is a reason to spend big money on something other than a first person shooter...I'll admit that the naming system is very tired though.

DeadlyFire2314d ago

I see nothing wrong with naming games 1,2,3,4,5, ...100, etc. Sure its a little odds compared to the 3 games and franchise is dead theme, but hey its still going on. You don't see sports games naming their games with roman numbers like that even though NFL, WWE, and others use them in their monumental main events. 2001,2002,2003,2004,2005 and up naming scheme has never stopped Madden from selling. :P

sealava2314d ago

we DO need more FF games .. we just need them to be actually GREAT again.
that's what every FF fan does with each new release.. cross their fingers and hope .. c'mon .. c'mon ...c'mon .. shit not again .. WTF Square !

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