StarCraft II Q&A Batch 27

Karune is back with a blitz Q&A answering some questions left from last batch on the nullifier and answering new questions on ladder functionality, unit vs race strengths, usefulness of tier 1 units and terrains with Starcraft I spells included in them.

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Leord3527d ago

Well, this one came out of the blue :)

JsonHenry3527d ago

I so cant wait till this game launches...

TheIneffableBob3527d ago

"We also have some really cool plans for mod support for for StarCraft II, which we will be rolling out to the community soon."


Amagai Shuusuke3527d ago

Come on shoot for a late 08 release.

JsonHenry3527d ago

^^ Shoot for a spring/summer release date!

Leord3524d ago

The feeling I got when playing the closed beta at BlizzCon was that it had about a year left or so. So much things has happened since then, so a late summer '08 seems good still.