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Diablo III Burnout

An analysis on why Diablo III seemed to disappoint. (Diablo III, PC)

rdgneoz3  +   1078d ago
Add in the long delay of pvp that was promised to be soon after the game shipped, server issues, and RMAH problems that people have been getting, and its a pretty fun list.
IaMs12  +   1078d ago
Im burned out of it. I loved D2 literally countless hours on that game, D3 though maybe have 30+ on it. IMO wasnt worth the money on Day one. I enjoyed it dont get me wrong, but its still a great disappointment in my book.
taquito  +   1078d ago
people expected too much, thats why, in all honesty, D3 is still, by far the best game of 2012

excellent co-op, great replayability

sure, many hardcore, grinding nerds that want to play the game for 500 hours may be disappointed, those guys are IMPOSSIBLE to please anyway.

but if you are just a regular gamer, who wants to plat through once or twice with friends and family, this is an awesome game

great graphics, butter smooth performance, excellent voice acting, unmatched cutscenes

9.7/10 for me

loved it!
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bodybombs  +   1078d ago
i can agree that if you only wanted to play it once or twice, then it was a good game. i however wanted a game that was gonna stand the test of time like d2, and i got super bored with the game at around 120 hours in. so i sold all of my items and made my money back and left it until sometime in the future when it may be fun to me again.

i think many people had a similar problem, wanting a game to play for a long while and running out of things to do quickly with the game become really monotonous.

oh well, water under the bridge. i moved on to the secret world and im totally enjoying the crap out of that game
taquito  +   1078d ago
it took you 120 hours to get bored, imo, you cant really complain

how many games give you 120 hours of fun?

vanquish was 4 hours, glad i rented that one
ScubbaSteve  +   1078d ago
I think a lot of people played it that long to get to end game and in anticipation of the end game only to find out what was really there and leave. I got to a3 inferno, which took a while to do, only to find out that I wouldn't enjoy endgame. I should have known it would end that way tho because Diablo 2 was essentially a bartering game by the time you finished and with the AH there's no real incentive to barter. The whole not being able to name a game thing doesn't help either.

It makes me wonder what a game like this could be like if it had a multiplayer system like Journey or Demon/Dark souls where you only ever chance upon people in multiplayer. It might make the opportunity to trade more interesting.
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bodybombs  +   1077d ago
@taquito i can complain at what i want. the reason i got bored with the game was evident in my last post. i wanted diablo for the end game, to which there wasnt much of.
GREW50ME  +   1078d ago
Yup... as long as you don't expect it to be as good as Dungeon Siege 1-2, Torchlight 1-2, Baldur's Gate, Titan Quest, Krater, or Hellgate London, you should be FINE with Diablo 3. So, those of us who have ever played a competitor's games should have just not played them...
Then, we wouldn't have known how much better those other games are.
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taquito  +   1077d ago
lol....krater, really,....krater is a 6/10 at best, you might as well have said loki, or dawn of magic......and torchlight was pure JUNK, and part 2 looks worse

i agree titan quest is a better game than d3, but that is because titan quest is a better game than 95% of all games out there

and baldurs gate, well son, you just named the best franchise every made (besides of course the console ones, those were fun, but shallow) but, baldurs gate 2 shadow of amn is the single greatest game ever made!
Lilioups  +   1078d ago
D3 was a massive failure,D2 was way better
Cant wait for lineage eternal now thats how diablo should be after ALL THESE YEARS of devs.
GREW50ME  +   1078d ago
This is one of the most clueless articles I have ever read. The reason Diablo 3 sucked was because it had shitty writing, a horrid story, bad voice acting, and bad artwork. Add on the the fact that the whole thing was designed around the RMT, and you have a fail sandwich with extra cheese. If you played it long enough to suffer from burnout, good for you, retard. The rest of us actually have standards.
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banjadude  +   1078d ago
I also thought the creature designs were almost too similar to Warcraft/Starcraft ones. I can't remember any specifics, but a lot of them looked similar to the ones in those games I mentioned.

As for bad voice acting, I mostly agree. Leah and Deckard Cain were at least spot on... if not for the cringe-worthy scripting!
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Psychonaughty  +   1078d ago
You were doing so well and then you had to call someone a retard...
VsAssassin  +   1078d ago
I, too, got bored and burned out with Diablo 3. The blogger covered only a portion of the game that makes it a turn off to many fans; however, he's right. He basically vented out about there's no endgame to this game. Reach level 60, and pretty much there's nothing else to do but to grind, or use another character, and use that character to reach level 60.

When I reached lvl 60 with my Monk, I played for about 10-20 hours more to get loot. Then it dawned on me: I was only playing to get loot so I could sell stuff on the RMAH. That somehow made me feel uneasy as the thought of selling as a reason to play a should've-been-stellar-gam e isn't reason at all. But that's just me. On the side note: grinding for loot isn't very fun when you're character no longer levels up with it. It would've been better if the Nephalem Valor system also stacked your XP acquisition on top of your chance to get rare items.

It's a shame really. If only the devs took advantage of the Always-Online DRM in a unique way, like dungeons that can only be accessed through co-op, endgame could be much more realized.

Sorry for the long post, but I just can't believe that a game like D3 didn't live up to my expectations, and I didn't really expect too much. There's so much potential in this game that was quite obvious to take advantage of but got overlooked. Sigh...
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LightofDarkness  +   1078d ago
I think all people really wanted was more D2 was a shiny new coat of paint, and that just didn't happen. It somehow manages to have less features and gameplay aspects than the previous entry - as though the game had been streamlined and fitted with training wheels, for their seemingly imaginary audience of idiots. What's next? New players can automatically start at level 60 so they can immediately begin RMAH/Inferno farming? You may scoff now, but give it 6 months to 1 year.

Truly shameful. This game eclipses DNF in terms of "time spent waiting:quality". It is probably the biggest disappointment this generation, and when you consider that we had Duke Nukem only 1 year ago, that is a failure of monumental proportions. WoW and Activision have made Blizzard greedy, and it remains to be seen if HOTS can bring them back into favour.
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