6.3 Art of Ink - DSiWare Review

"Perched at an ornate desk in a room lit only be candle lies a gentleman of admirable eagerness who has been diligently inscribing long verses of poetic text. Observing this, you tell him to dab away with his fountain pen, and the young scribe, encouraged by your moral support, advances to the creation of a grand tapestry worthy of merit. When you see the word "ink" being used in connection with art, a scenario such as this may be an early thought that comes to mind. But Sabarasa has reminded us that tattoos can be similarly artistic. Deciding to translate the pain-staking and pain-inducing process of tattoo application into a game is anything but ordinary. The fact is we don't see enough niche games like this. But that makes it all the more disappointing that I was unable to find more reasons to praise Art of Ink for all its efforts." --

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