EA's Next UFC Game will be the Best Sim Sports Fighter Ever

It's pretty easy to see why the most recent installments in the UFC video game empire were not exactly flying off the shelves. UFC 2009 Undisputed sold well with the license backing of the biggest MMA promotion around. Over 1 million worldwide copies sold in the first month made it a hit as far as any fledgling sports game series was concerned, especially when your previous attempts at the industry failed miserably (see: UFC Tapout series or Ultimate Fighting Championship: Throwdown).

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Batmau52311d ago

Seriously glad EA has the license now. Here's hoping they do something interesting with it.

Them_Bones2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

EA is probably the worst company that could have gotten the license.
To them it's all about the money, once they see a game doing well they will completely destroy it with dlc, rushed out sequels, unbalancing multiplayer pre-order bonuses etc.
You don't just get voted the worst company in America and expect everyone to just forget about that.

DaThreats2311d ago

Them and Activision do this.
The best would of been 2kgames

MaxXAttaxX2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Must be a hard task considering how stiff the competition is in a market full of Sim Sports Fighte . . . . wait . . . .

MmaFan-Qc2310d ago

whatever, EA MMA was had a far better gameplay than the UFC games made by THQ, thats what really matter to me.

Kingnichendrix2310d ago

Personally my favorite is Fight Night.

user54670072311d ago

The next FIFA will be the best, the next Madden will and then the next Tiger Woods PGA Tou...and so on

Then the ones after that in 2013 will be the best...and again so on

It's the same thing every bloody year with EA Sports

Them_Bones2311d ago

If you pre-order PGA 2013 you get a copy of the book 'Tiger Wood's guide to successful marriage' with the game!

StanleyK882311d ago

I hope EA getting it means a better game but it's not very hard to top THQ at this point.

NYC_Gamer2311d ago

EA will ruin the license by rushing to produce a sequel every year

Hufandpuf2310d ago

unlike fantasy games, the sports industry changes every year.

NYC_Gamer2310d ago

That's still no excuse to rush out some half ass effort with limited improvements

LaurenKB1232311d ago

If they ruin the UFC games I'll be one mad gamer!

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The story is too old to be commented.