TGR: Devil May Cry 4 Demo Impressions

TGR's Relin speaks his mind on the recently-released Devil May Cry 4 demo.

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Relin3796d ago

Agreed, though compared to other demos out recently, it was pretty light on content. Can't complain much, since I enjoyed myself.

Double-Edged3796d ago

It's an easy game to beat. and the ai is terrible.
the boss (fire guy) very stupid in his movements.
The graphics are cheap and the scenery is flat. No run button? hmmmmm..

this is a whack game. the rooms are too short and very VERY VERY linear.

Terrible game. No nex-gen qualities except HD. that's all.
move along.

jorellpogi3796d ago

I agree with some of your points. The game is just like the previous PS2 version but with much better graphics.

Guwapo773796d ago

I'm glad I never played the other DMCs if that is the case. I enjoyed the demo immensely. It has been many years since I've played a button masher/combo game. Let me say this will be a purchase that I'd be proud to have in my collection.

As for being easy...its just a demo. I'm sure it'll be alot harder in the later levels.

akaFullMetal3796d ago

im glad the writer mentioned that the graphics were ok, nothing to write home about, cause they aren't, as others have said how beautiful and gourgous it was, im glad he wrote some truth in this article.