If Heavy Rain Wasn't A "Video Game," Beyond Won't Be, Either

Many have said that Quantic Dream's last project wasn't even a video game. And if that's the case, Beyond isn't, either...but is that a correct analysis?

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remanutd552344d ago

i follow David Cage ideas, i like how Quantic Dream present themselves on the market and their visions, i support studios like them, could care less if the game doesnt have bullets or if you dont kill lots of people, Heavy Rain is among the best games i have played this generation and im eagerly anticipating Beyond Two Souls.

Outside_ofthe_Box2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Funny how people are quick to question whether Heavy Rain is a game or not, but have no trouble calling a title like Guitar Hero a game while both essentially require you to react and press the button that is shown on screen. Interesting.

BitbyDeath2344d ago

Needs more bald space marines.

cstyle2344d ago

Beyond = great story but probably short on game play.

BitbyDeath2344d ago

I'm guessing you are too young to have played classic games like Ripper, 7th Guest, or 11th Hour.

None of which are short on gameplay, you just have to appreciate the genre.

cstyle2343d ago

I haven't played those but I played Heavy Rain and beyond looks to be about the same. Great story full of Quick time events.

Gridloc2344d ago

Innovation is the key to the next best thing. I'm tired of playing the same basic games all trying to play it safe and only add this and that to the next installment or the next halo killer (who is 343 again?). History repeats itself only when nothing new inspires it. Stale ideas vs. new?

h311rais3r2343d ago

Well to answer your question...343i is a company hired by Microsoft that is a large collaboration of former employees of several of the largest developers who are themselves fans of the halo series who wish to evolve the games toward innovation within its genre while still maintaining the basic elements of what makes it halo. Just asked lol

Elda2344d ago

Who cares what people think it is a day 1 buy for me!