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5 Survival Horror Games That Are Actually Survival Horror

MMGN.com writes: Survival Horror - a genre that has undergone significant change almost to the point it is unrecognisable by veterans. The increasing focus on action and adventure has seen the traditional staples of the genre fall by the wayside, creating almost a sub-genre that could be known as action horror.

I wrote a lengthy piece on the transformation yesterday, but now I bring to you 5 Survival Horror games that are actually Survival Horror. (3DS, Culture, DayZ, Dead Rising 2, Lone Survivor, PC, Project Zomboid, PS3, Resident Evil Revelations, Xbox 360)

Lord_Sloth  +   805d ago
Umm.....If these are Survival Horrors and actually considered scary than the Genre pull is more screwed up than I thought...

For example Dead Rising is a Beat 'Em Up and there's really nothing horrifying about DR2, Zomboid, or Lone Survivor. I haven't played Revelations or DayZ yet so can't say for them.
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morganfell  +   805d ago
I couldn't agree more. I think some people actually never experienced survival horror as it used to be. It was more about running away or barely escaping alive than it was mowing down hordes of enemies.

The true games in the genre this generation have been few and far between. An action title with zombies is not survival horror. For me, the survival horror game that has stood out this generation is Siren Blood Curse.

ATi_Elite  +   804d ago
DayZ and the SATLKER series are survival horror at it's best!

STALKER scares the crap out of you when you go under ground into the old laboratories and Nuclear sites and when the sun goes down you will crap your pants the first time a pseudo dog jumps at your flashlight. Scary stuff.

DayZ scares the crap outta you when another player sneaks up on you and starts shooting at you. The adrenalin rush hits you so hard that the game is really intense. The Zombies are more of an annoyance but the real fright fest comes from being HUNTED like a dog by other players who want to steal your bandages, backpack, ammo/guns, and beans!!

Both Games require you to heal yourself with bandages, eat, drink, rest etc.. you only have so much room in your backpack and things are not just always laying around in crates so the Survival aspect is pretty high cause i have bleed to death many times cause i ran out of bandages.

DayZ and any STALKER game is great survival horror.
specialguest  +   805d ago
DayZ sounds insane!
I've heard of DayZ before, but never looked into it until now. Currently watching the a youtube video of DayZ where 2 guys are discussing about how the game is like.


I wish I had the money for a new PC right now just so I could play this game. Based on what they talked about, this sounds like one of most realistic survival horror game ever.

-You have to drink water to restore your water bar, eat food to restore your food bar, you also have a "blood" bar which is not easy to restore.
-In some cases, online human players are worse than zombies since they may kill you in desperation for survival.
-There's no health regeneration
-Ammo is limited
-If you die, there's no respawn.
-If you're injured from an attack, your character shakes and trembles in pain
-Real time day and night change according to the actual time-zone of the location of the server you're playing in

Skip to 13:09 of the video for what night time looks like. It's almost pitch black!
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RXL  +   805d ago
im with you on that (about the new pc)..

lets move in together..pull our resources...sell your stuff and buy said PC? =)

we can play and sleep in shifts..
specialguest  +   805d ago
hahaha I got the day shift...(I'm a coward)
Treian  +   805d ago
RE: Revelations was not survival horror. Doing a 180 and turning action half way was a no no.
BitbyDeath  +   805d ago
Only real survival horror game i've played this gen was Siren
Pozzle  +   805d ago
Same here. Though I played Fatal Frame IV...but it doesn't really count since it wasn't released outside Japan. Which is a shame, because it was a genuinely good horror game.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   805d ago
Resident Evil Revelations and Dead Rising II over Amnesia and Siren: Blood Curse -sighs- what is this gen coming too?
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Killman  +   805d ago
Mowing down hordes of zombies with a double sided chainsaw paddle is NOT survival horror.
Tonester925  +   805d ago
I liked Condemned 2. Would you call that a survivor?
john2  +   805d ago
No Amnesia or Slender? And yet there is Dead Rising in that list? Oh boy, lol (even Condemned is a better horror game than Dead Rising)
Kran  +   805d ago
So.... zombie games?
Venox2008  +   805d ago
all games are shooters or beat em ups.. this gen's survival horror: Silent Hill SM & Downpour, Fatal frame IV (great game), Fatal frame 2 wii, Siren:BC, Amnesia, Slender, Penumbra trilogy (I don't know if it was released this gen)..
sovietsoldier  +   805d ago
they forgot dead island.

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